‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Scott Clifton Reveals Favorite Liam Lover – And It’s Not Who You Think

Bold and the Beautiful actor Scott Clifton talked recently about Liam Spencer‘s love life in a red carpet chat. Since coming on the scene in LA in search of his biological father, Liam’s had quite a few lovers, but there’s one that the actor calls “the one that got away”.

First, he became friends with Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Then, Hope Logan (now Annika Noelle) befriended Liam. After that, the guy ping-ponged between Hope Logan and Steffy Forrester. Now, Scott Clifton has a favorite woman for Liam, but it’s not one of them.

So, which Liam Spencer love match was his favorite?

Bold and the Beautiful: Is Hope or Steffy The One Scott Clifton Prefers?

B&B spoilers know Liam, Steffy, and Hope had many ups and downs. Hope Logan was his first love on the soap. But then, Liam Spencer’s dalliance with baby mama Steffy Forrester began when he saved her from drowning in a bathtub and they kissed. After that, Steffy fell for Liam but he still loved Hope Logan. He proposed to Hope, who was famously a virgin.

She wanted to wait until they married to have sex. Steffy and Liam grew closer and their mutual attraction grew. Hope caught them kissing and broke their engagement. Then, Liam married Steffy in Aspen before Hope Logan could stop the wedding. Then, Liam annulled Steffy when he found out she and her dad conspired against him, on Bold and the Beautiful.

So which of these women is the one that Scott Clifton wants to see with Liam Spencer? Neither!

B&B Spoilers: Is Ivy Forrester The One He Wants Liam With – or Maybe Sally Spectra?

Aside from Hope Logan and Sally Spectra, Bold and the Beautiful paired Liam Spencer with very few other women. One way Ivy Forrester (Ashleigh Brewer). Steffy Forrester interfered to ensure they never got off the ground. At one point, she almost electrocuted Ivy while competing. But is Ivy the one? Nope!

More recently, tree-hugging Liam attracted spicy Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). She fell hard for him but it never went farther than a kiss. She said she loved him when they got blown up together in a building. Their love affair never took off, so is Sally the one the actor thinks of as the big missed love of Liam’s life on Bold and the Beautiful? Nope, not her either.

Bold and the Beautiful: Scott Clifton Reveals “The One That Got Away” for Liam Spencer

B&B‘s Scott Clifton chatted about Liam’s troubled love life in a recent interview. The interviewer asked his favorite pairing. He answered with something totally unexpected. It wasn’t Steffy, Hope, Ivy, or Sally. In fact, it was the mother of his brother Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks). Yes – the actor said he loved his pairing with Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer).

In fact, he jokingly called her “the one that got away”. Clifton admitted he loved Liam and Quinn’s storyline of Adam and Eve. In fact, the storyline creeped out a lot of fans. There was the fact she was mother to his brother plus their age difference. And don’t forget, the whole thing started because she kidnapped him when he had a brain injury on Bold and the Beautiful.

B&B: Fans Might Disagree With Clifton’s Choice

Bold and Beautiful fans might be surprised with the recent red carpet interview where Scott Clifton revealed his favorite romantic plot was “Adam and Eve”. Since it’s doubtful that the CBS soap would go there again, fans of Quinn and Liam will have to make do with their memories. While it was twisted, it was also strangely sweet. He made Quinn Fuller a better person.

Now, she’s happily hitched to Eric Forrester (John McCook). Liam’s got lady issues, but he’ll sort those out without running back to Quinn. So, now you know who the actor loved seeing Liam Spencer with – but what’s your favorite pairing for him?

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