‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Out of New Episodes Next Week – Final Airdate for ‘B&B’ Revealed

Bold and the Beautiful is set to be the first soap to run out of fresh episodes for fans. Here is the latest info leaking out of CBS and what to know about where things will be left hanging when B&B runs out of new shows. That’s unless the network scrambles to make a new plan.

Will Bold and the Beautiful String Out New Shows to Last Longer?

Right now, the CBS sudser is airing classic episodes only on Fridays. Will B&B stick to this schedule or increase the number of reruns airing each week? Right now, General Hospital‘s taking a different approach to squeeze out twice as many episodes.

Bold and the Beautiful has one re-rerun per week, as does GH. But the ABC soap began re-editing its new episodes and cramming in tons of flashbacks to past events. At a glance, it looks like fully half the content of each “new” episode is a rehash of old ones.

So, GH should be able to drag their new content out for a few more weeks. Given how Bold and the Beautiful loves its flashbacks, it’s surprising they’re not already doing this. But if something doesn’t change at CBS daytime, word has it that viewers won’t have new material very soon.

Bold and the Beautiful: Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer)

B&B Hiatus Stretches Into May – California Lockdown Kills New Episodes

Bold and the Beautiful last filmed on Friday, March 13. There was some chatter that the actors might be back to work on May 5. However, California extended its shelter-in-place order through May 15. That means the earliest they could resume shooting is May 18, on a Monday.

As of now, it’s up in the air whether the state will lockdown residents past mid-May. Then, there’s the matter of Bold and the Beautiful (and all TV shows) being considered non-essential. So, if CA allows people back to work on a sliding scale, more essential jobs will re-activate first.

That could leave actors and production staff our of work until later in the month. Plus, Bold and the Beautiful can’t just film an episode one day and air it the next. It’s more likely they’ll need to have a couple of weeks of shooting before they have more shows ready for air.

When Will Bold and the Beautiful Run Out of Episodes?

The last day of shooting was 3/13/20. Reportedly, CBS filmed Episode 8320 of B&B that day (Season 33, Episode 143). Meanwhile, the most recent new show was Episode 8314 (Season 33’s Episode 137), aired on Thursday, April 16.

Counting down to the end of Bold and the Beautiful‘s filmed episodes, unless they re-edit to add flashbacks to stretch the material as GH did, they have just six episodes left in the can. As of this writing, they shut down five weeks ago.

So, CBS daytime running out of Bold and the Beautiful next week makes sense. Look for new episodes, as of now, on Monday, April 20-Thursday, April 23. Then a rerun on Friday, April 24. That puts the last two shows airing Monday and Tuesday, April 27 & 28.

Brace yourself soap fans – if this leaked info is accurate by the numbers, it’s almost time to say bye-bye to B&B (for now). After they run out next week, perhaps they’ll swap to all reruns. Or maybe, they’ll ramp up reruns this week to drag these out more. We’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: CBS released more info saying the last new episode airs this week. Then, next week starts themed weeks of rerun, AKA classic episodes. However, given the information leaked to us, this means the soap may be holding on to 1-2 episodes for some reason…

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