‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Leaked Photo: Thomas and Hope Wedding Shocker

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from a leaked photo tease Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) marries Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). A pic leaked from behind the scenes at the CBS soap that seem to indicate these two are at the altar. Trusting this photo, Thomas succeeds with his plot to win Hope. It also means the baby swap secret stays hidden longer, as B&B showrunner Brad Bell teased.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Forrester Gets Hope Logan to the Altar?

B&B spoilers hint that this photo is from an upcoming wedding and not a past one. Carter Walton (Lawrence-Saint Victor) often officiates. However, a quick glance at recent weddings that already occurred add fuel to the wedding fire. Carter is in a blue tie below and in past weddings, that has not been the case. In past events, he rocked gray, stripes, and silver ties. Also below, he’s sporting a pocket square, which is unique to this CBS soap event.

The two others spotted in the photo seem to be Thomas Forrester and Hope Logan. This makes sense also because Thomas is daydreaming of their engagement and wedding and seems prepared to do anything, even commit murder, to make sure it happens. That is a different dress than Hope Logan wore in her last wedding, as well. This Bold and the Beautiful leaked pic could point to a wedding – and more delay on the Beth reveal.

B&B Spoilers: Hope Logan Married Again Before Beth Truth Comes Out?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for upcoming days promise (once again) that the truth will come out. But that’s something they’ve said before. All that means is that “someone” learns the truth – not Hope Logan or her annulled ex Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). This time, it seems Emma Barber (Nia Sioux) sorts things out. This might put her in peril based on a new promo showing Thomas Forrester threatening her.

Thomas already threatened Xander Avant (Aidan Bradley) and others to zip it up about this baby secret. So, it seems this week on B&B, Thomas Forrester keeps it quiet while fantasizing in his unhinged head about getting hitched to Hope Logan. He imagines her accepting his proposal. In his brain scenes, she declares she loves him. Of course, it’s not true and she’s missing time with Phoebeth and being married on Bold and the Beautiful.

Did Bold and the Beautiful Film a Fantasy Wedding?

The other B&B spoilers explanation for this leaked wedding photo is this. Did they film a fake wedding as part of one of Thomas Forrester’s mental fantasies? This actually seems like a long shot because of the expense. Ordinarily, wedding shoots are very costly. Some of the costliest for any soap budget. However, they could have done it cheaply. They could put up flowers, throw Hope Logan in a dress and have Carter on hand.

If they didn’t show everyone else and just filmed an altar scene, Bold and the Beautiful could do this pretty inexpensively. What seems clear from this very fuzzy photo is that Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester have a wedding. The question is whether it’s real and when it happens. Since Hope doesn’t seem ready to get hitched now, if it’s a real wedding, that predicts this Beth secret drags on for months. Which is what Brad Bell hinted in an interview.

So, we’ll have to wait and see if this wedding is imagined in Thomas Forrester’s increasingly twisted mind or if he really convinces Hope Logan to walk down the aisle. There’s plenty more left of this plot, so don’t miss a moment on CBS daytime as B&B lets this slow moving story keep sprawling on.

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