‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Is Emma Barber Really Dead?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promised a corpse and then viewers saw Emma Barber (Nia Sioux) run off the road by Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson). But still, fans are asking is Emma Barber really dead? The short answer is yes. She’s dead as a doornail. Some viewers wondered if perhaps Emma did not really die in that car crash on B&B on cliffhanger Friday. But alas, it seems intern Emma went up to the fashion house in the sky. Now, this week, suspicions rise around Thomas and where he was when she died and whether he’s to blame. Take a look at the info surrounding Emma Barber’s death and what’s next on the CBS soap.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Emma Barber Dead or Not?

Based on all B&B spoilers, yes, Emma Barber is dead. She died at the Friday cliffhanger scene when Thomas Forrester’s aggressive tailgating ran her off the road. It was truly creepy to watch Thomas stand on the road and watch Emma’s life fade as her broken body sank into the airbag. He seems to have no remorse. So, how do we know she’s dead and won’t wake up when EMT’s arrive?

Take a look at the confirmed intel on this week’s action. On Wednesday, the families associated with Forrester creations get together to mourn a loss. That means there’s someone dead to mourn – and it’s obviously Emma. Also, in Bold and the Beautiful video promos for this week, the FC gang grills Thomas Forrester on where he was when the accident happens and he’s furious.

B&B Spoilers: Emma May Be Nearly Dead Now – Very Dead Soon

Sure, there’s a slight chance on Bold and the Beautiful that Emma Barber survived the crash. If so, it’ll be a short reprieve. Because of all the spoilers confirming a death and everyone mourning, she won’t live through this. However, maybe they’ll let her linger in a coma for half a minute. But it doesn’t seem likely. Then again, Dollar Bill got shot and shoved off a balcony and is bouncing around fine.

So, maybe Emma Barber lingers a moment then dies. But is sure likely she’s DOA on the side of the road. Remorseless Thomas Forrester is counting on her being dead. So, for those asking is Emma dead or going to die the answer is a plain and simple yes. Emma had to be killed because she was the one character who knew the truth that Thomas couldn’t control on Bold and the Beautiful.

B&B Spoilers: Thomas Gets Away With Emma’s Murder?

While he didn’t shoot or stab her, there’s little doubt that Thomas Forrester is responsible for Emma Barber dying on Bold and the Beautiful. The one thing that could get him off the hook – even if others suspect him and know he was on the same road – is her phone. Emma was on a winding road driving at night and had her phone in her hand.

Emma has an unsent text on her phone so the police might blame that dangerous habit, hint B&B spoilers. Remember CBS did a little mini PSA with Coco Spectra and RJ Forrester awhile back? So, if the police see the text and time stamp when she was typing, they’ll likely blame that and won’t think twice about someone else being involved.

B&B spoilers say Emma’s death hits everyone hard. Emma was liked by everyone and you can bet Justin Barber (Aaron D Spears) and Xander Avant (Adain Bradley) are most affected. While Thomas may be at fault for the actual accident that killed Emma Barber, there will be plenty of blame to go around once the truth comes out about Beth. Wait and see what comes next now that you know Emma Barber is dead on the CBS sudser.

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