‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Comings & Goings: Sheila Carter Back – Finn’s Mom Revealed at Last?

Bold and the Beautiful comings and goings hint Sheila Carter’s return as Kimberlin Brown was on the CBS soap set – is she John Finnegan‘s (Finn – Tanner Novlan) long-lost mom? For the veteran fans of B&B, this means some craziness comes along with this character.

Kimberlin left Bold and the Beautiful back in 2018 to embark on an unsuccessful run for Congress. Now, it looks quite promising that she’s back to the CBS soap. But it appears her character Sheila Carter might just be the shocking surprise promised when it came to Finn’s lineage.

Bold and the Beautiful Comings & Goings: Is Sheila Carter Back to Complicate Finn’s Life?

Finn’s mother comes with a world of surprises, according to B&B spoilers. She may even reveal Finn’s father as well. There’s been a lot of chatter about his mom, and with Sheila Carter’s comeback in Bold and the Beautiful comings and goings, maybe she’s his mama.

And if Sheila is Finn’s mom, then hold on to your seat. That means there’s a chance that Eric Forrester (John McCook) is Finn’s biological father. Remember, Sheila Carter was one of Eric’s Bold and the Beautiful wives. So that would make him a Forrester – like Steffy…

But don’t get too up in arms because Finn wouldn’t be blood-related to Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Those two wouldn’t share a bloodline. Remember, Eric isn’t Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) bio-dad. And Finn would have Sheila Carter as mom.

So, while this would make him Finn Forrester but with no family taboo flowing through their veins. But if Sheila is Finn’s mother, it looks like Bold and the Beautiful spoilers found a way to really complicate things.

Bold and the Beautiful Comings and Goings: Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown}

B&B Spoilers: Kimberlin Brown on Set – Eric’s Ex-Wife Another Rival For Quinn Fuller?

Bold and the Beautiful comings and goings recall, the last fans saw of Sheila Carter was when Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) was shot. Sheila stood accused – along with Ridge – but neither did the deed. It was Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) who pulled the trigger.

You can see above, a parking pass Kimberlin showed, proving she was on the Bold and the Beautiful soundstage. So, that points to a B&B return for Sheila Carter. And a storyline crossing paths with John Finnegan is one angle they could do. And Sheila would want to see her ex.

Of course, that would be a shock for Eric and his wife, Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer). Bold and the Beautiful spoilers remind those two are on the rocks now. So, the timing of Sheila Carter possibly returning to B&B is fitting. Eric and Quinn’s marriage is bad and she just cheated.

Plus, Bold and the Beautiful comings and goings teased Finn’s return as well. It seems the police may want to question John Finnegan about the lab tech’s murder. So, with both Finn and Sheila possibly on their way back and May sweeps ahead, this might be really fun.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: John Finnegan - Finn- (Tanner Novlan)

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Finn’s Mom – Sheila Passed on her Dark Side?

B&B spoilers built up Finn’s biological mother emerging. This came with the hint that she’s well-known to viewers of the show. And that fits Sheila Carter, certainly. Some other Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggested Finn might have some darkness – and if Sheila’s his mom, that would certainly explain it.

Bold and the Beautiful comings and goings predict Sheila as Finn’s newfound mother also makes sense when you think about the spoilers suggesting Steffy knows her fiancee’s mom. Reportedly, John Finnegan’s mom reveal would stress Steffy – another match for Sheila Carter. Of course, Sheila has a disturbing past on B&B, despite her three-year absence.

Older Bold and the Beautiful chatter suggested the mom of Finn was someone who’d been in an institution. And Sheila’s as crazy as they come. Plus, the CBS soap likes to cross lines with near-family getting involved with one another (step-siblings, etc).

Watch to see if Sheila Carter returns and is part of John Finnegan’s backstory. Could Finn’s bio-mom be psycho Sheila? Wait for it…

UPDATE: It seems Kimberlin Brown was there for a press event. At this time, it seems Sheila isn’t returning yet. But fingers crossed we’ll see the human tornado back in action on the CBS soap at some point.

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