‘Big Brother’: Winners Derrick Levasseur & Will Kirby Say They’ll Join All-Stars Season

Big Brother news just teased another of the coveted All-Stars seasons filled with BB veterans like Derrick Levasseur and Dr. Will Kirby. According to our source close to CBS, it’s going to be a lineup of alums battling it out for the half-a-million-dollar prize money. Although the casting hasn’t been decided on, two very famous faces are throwing their hats in the ring. For a price, of course.

Big Brother: Season 22 Will Be All-Stars

Rumors have been circling the internet that CBS is going a different route for this season of Big Brother. It’ll be the 20th anniversary since the beginning of the series and that calls for something a little special. And it looks like that’s going to be an All-Stars version with all of the upcoming houseguests being returning veterans. Our CBS inside source says that casting has been in contact with a multitude of past players.

Those include a number of names from BB16 like Frankie Grande, Derrick Levasseur, Brittany Martinez. Plenty from BB20 such as Haleigh Broucher, Christopher “Swaggy C” Williams, Bayleigh Dayton, Tyler Crispen, and it’s winner Kaycee Clark. Not to mention Nicole Anthony from BB21 and Josh Martinez and Paul Abrahamian from BB19. Plus, there are even some past Big Brother legends like Janelle Pierzina and Dan Gheesling in the mix.

CBS BB22: Derrick Levasseur & Will Kirby Say They’ll Play

Yesterday, Derrick Levasseur broke his silence of where he stands about returning to Big Brother. Obviously, if he were going to be on the show, he wouldn’t be able to say whether or not he was. But he had something to say about it and that’s “fake news”. He didn’t say what news he was calling fake, but it’s fairly easy to connect it to the recent rumors about his return.

Although he might not currently be signed on for Big Brother 22, Derrick does have a price to get him to play. One fan messaged Derrick and BB2 winner Will Kirby asking what it would take to get them back for another go at the game. Will named his price at one-million-dollars which is double the cash prize. Yet, Derrick says he wants his in cash. Could CBS cough up that much dough?

Big Brother: When Will Season 22 Air?

Currently, it looks like Big Brother could air sometime during this summer, with August being the likeliest timeframe. It could even come in the fall because CBS’s scripted shows have been postponed due to COVID-19 as well and they may need something to sill the timeslots.

Although the house isn’t decorated, our source says they are decided on a theme and will start not soon after a decision is reached. What do you think it will be?

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