‘Big Brother’: Victor and Nicole Make Quarantine Snacks and Use Alternative Toilet Paper

Big Brother couple Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo are in the same position as the rest of the country. With plenty of extra time on their hands during this coronavirus quarantine, they are making the best of it.

And Nicole Franzel is showing off her pretty impressive skills in the kitchen. Although the Big Brother winner has limited ingredients, Nicole has been making mouthwatering dishes, including beer bread.

Big Brother: Nicole Franzel Makes Delicious-Looking Beer Bread

Nicole Franzel and fiance Victor Arroyo gave a little cooking tutorial for those with limited ingredients. “We are in quarantine,” Nicole said, while Victor gave an enthusiastic, “Woo”.  Since bread is one of the items getting harder to find in stores right now, the Big Brother 18 couple made an alternative: beer bread. It only requires four ingredients, which are warm beer, flour, sugar, and butter.

According to Victor, it came out pretty well and the Michigan police officer was “impressed”. He liked it so much that Nicole Franzel included a clip telling Big Brother fans that he had asked for another slice.

Victor Arroyo Stocks Up on Alternative Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is something that’s getting harder and harder to come as the days go by. In fact, people are brawling over a single package in the supermarket. But Big Brother stars Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel theirs online and it came right to their door. At the time Toilet paper made from alternative sources was still in supply.

It’s not just any kind of TP. It’s made entirely from bamboo and is a green alternative to the regular stuff. Nicole filmed the two Big Brother alums unboxing the surprisingly colorful rolls. Not only is it saving trees, but Victor says it’s “good for your butt,” too. If anything, they’ll be able to trade their neighbors for a carton of eggs because the stuff is in high demand right now.

Big Brother: Nicole Franzel - Victor Arroyo Big Brother: Nicole Franzel - Victor Arroyo

Big Brother: Nicole Lets Fans Choose Her Day

It’s gotten to the point where boredom has hit hard, but Nicole Franzel jokingly said, “we are not going nuts over here. I repeat we are fine”. Nicole made a video of her and Victor Arroyo having a little bit of weird fun in the kitchen. But the couple is getting through it together.

Although to spice up one of her days, Nicole did a poll to let Big Brother fans pick what things she should do. The outcome consisted of going for a run in the cold, getting a shower, a choice between a puzzle and television, and even what she would be eating. Which was a tasty-looking stir fry. It seemed like a pretty great day and Nicole seemed to think so.

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