‘Big Brother’ Season 23: Casting Still Open – Start Date is When?

Last summer’s Big Brother start was delayed by the pandemic. But there’s better news this year. And there’s still time to be cast for BB23. Usually, we start the CBS show in June, but in 2020, it was deep into the Summer when it debuted. Here’s what to expect this year, and how you can still audition to be part of the cast.

Big Brother 23 Casting: Still Time to Try Out to be a Houseguest

Usually, BB does live casting events to screen people in person. With the ‘rona still rampant in some areas, and restrictions still in place, that’s not happening for Big Brother 23.

Instead, your only option is to be one of the lucky to be invited to play… or to go over to the official BB casting site to try for a slot. So, what’s required to play this season?

BigBrotherCasting.tv is where to go and as of now, the portal remains open. You must be 21 and a US citizen to play. Interestingly, there’s no mention of vaccine or coronavirus screenings in the eligibility info.

You’ll need to make and upload a video and have a current photo of yourself ready. You have to fill out all the info in one sitting, so be sure to have it ready to go. You’ll only hear from Big Brother if they want you – not if you’re rejected.

Big Brother 23: Julie Chen

When Does BB23 Begin?

Last year, Big Brother didn’t start until August 5. Usually, the camera-laden reality series kicks off in late June. For 2021, we’re hearing that BB23 will aim for that.

There are also questions about whether they’ll maintain the popular (but controversial) Live Feeds via CBS All Access. watching those is like seeing a whole different game from the edited, on-air version of Big Brother.

Once again, Julie Chen Moonves is back in the hosting chair, likely still with social distance, as we saw in BB22. And so far, it looks like a fresh cast, unlike the callbacks from prior seasons we watched last Summer.

See above one of many messages Julie’s posting to ramp up excitement for Big Brother 23.

Big Brother 22: Final 3

Big Changes to Big Brother 23

One thing to note is that BB23 is the first season of the long-running series to fall under the new CBS diversity guidelines published in late 2020. Those state that at least 50% of the cast must be BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color).

That’s not what Big Brother‘s ever looked like in the past with a preponderance of white players – and usually a white male victor taking the cash prize.

Season 3 brought the first female winner – and Season 4’s Jun Song was the first minority to win. Then, it was a run of caucasian males and females up until Big Brother Season 19-20 when Josh Martinez and Kaycee Clark took the top slots.

Then it was two more white guys with Jackson Michie and Cody Calafiore back-to-back wins. BB22 attracted controversy for almost non-stop nomination of BIPOC players. So, BB23 may break the cycle for good.

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