‘Big Brother’: Cody Calafiore Suffers Tragic Loss Back Home – Will He Stay in BB22?

Big Brother news is heartbreaking for BB22 houseguest Cody Calafiore. His grandfather passed away after a long battle with illness.  CBS production broke the news to him last night and he was obviously very upset. Yet, he has a big decision to make. Will he remain in the game or self-evict to be with his family during this hard time?

Big Brother: Cody Calafiore’s Brother Paulie Shares Sad News

It was a sad day for Cody Calafiore’s family as his grandfather Paul Calafiore Sr. passed away. Cody’s brother and Big Brother 18 alum, Paulie Calafiore shared the upsetting news in a tribute to his late grandfather. “A legend has fallen,” he said. It turns out that Paul Sr. was fighting a losing battle. According to Paulie, the doctors gave him one month to live and that was fourteen months ago.

Paulie says knows his and Cody’s grandfather “is in a better place now” and thanked him for always being there for him. He asked that Big Brother fans “send us your strength” during this very difficult time for the family. “I love you so much Pop Pop. Rest in Power,” he said.

Big Brother: Paulie Calafiore Big Brother: Paulie Calafiore

BB22 Crew Tells Cody Calafiore About His Grandfather’s Passing

Yesterday, Big Brother 22 production called Cody Calafiore into the diary room and delivered the news. Cody then took a moment to gather himself in the bathroom before going to his bedroom and laying in bed. He told a worried Tyler Crispen, who asked if it was okay for him to let the rest of the house know what was going on.

It caused a break in gameplay as the remaining houseguests gave him their condolences. Cody Calafiore said he knew “it was bad” but that he was “just hoping he would make it through the summer”.

Although this isn’t something Cody Calafiore has ever experienced in the Big Brother game before, he’s seen others go through it. Both Derrick Levasseur and Frankie Grande (Ariana Grande’s brother) experienced it on Cody’s first season BB16. They found out through letters than their respective grandfathers had passed away.

Big Brother: Cody Calafiore - Paulie Calafiore

Big Brother: Will He Quit the Game?

Cody Calafiore is in a very emotional state of grief right now. He’s always been really close with his family and he might want to be there with them now. If he wanted to, he could leave the game in order to be with the rest of his family.

If Cody leaves the BB house to attend services, he probably would not be able to rejoin the game. However, CBS has made exceptions to players leaving the house. Christmas Abbott was able to leave the Big Brother house for medical care and surgery on her foot. But, this season the house is living in a COVID free bubble. So, it’s very unlikely that Cody would be allowed to leave and come back to attend his grandfather’s funeral services.

Whatever Cody decides, if he stays, you can be sure he will be playing in his grandfather’s memory.

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