‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Week 3 Safety Suite Results – HoH Tyler Crispen’s Targets

Big Brother spoilers tease the winner of Week 3’s Safety Suite competition. It’s the last week for the players that haven’t swiped in their VIP passes to do so. Plus, Tyler Crispen won the HoH this week and he’s already got some nominations in mind. So, who’s safe and who’s Tyler throwing up on the chopping block?

Big Brother Spoilers: Tyler Crispen Dominates HoH Competition

In Thursday’s eviction episode, the houseguests evicted Nicole Anthony over David Alexander. Immediately afterward, the remaining Big Brother 22 players competed in the next HoH competition. In order to win the power this week, the houseguests had to slide a mug of beer down a long table. There were 3 tables and 3 mugs. You could get a total of 5 points at each for a total of 15. The highest score in the fastest time would become the Head of Household.

Ultimately, it was Tyler Crispen walking away with the Big Brother HoH title and all the power. He scored a total of 12 points. Janelle Pierzina was just behind Tyler with 11 points and this week could have played out completely different if she had won.

One BB22 Houseguest Wins Safety

This is the last week for the Safety Suite. Yet, only four Big Brother 22 houseguests still had the ability to swipe their access key cards. All of the others have already spent their one chance playing for safety for a week in the past two competitions. Memphis Garrett, Nicole Franzel, Enzo Palumbo, and Daniele Donato Briones were the only ones left that haven’t played. Tyler Crispen, as HoH, didn’t get to play.

As Julie Chen teased at the end of the last Big Brother episode, the Safety Suite competition will be a laser maze. From what the houseguests talked about on the CBS live feeds, it seems similar to what Catherine Zeta-Jones did in the movie ‘Entrapment’.

Big Brother 22: Laser- Maze - Julie Chen

In the end, it was Enzo Palumbo that won the laser challenge. This is his second Big Brother win of the season, the first being the PoV in Week 1. Enzo chose Christmas Abbott as his plus one. Something that some of his alliance members weren’t happy about. It could reveal his allegiance.

Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Who’s Tyler Nominating for Eviction?

It’s not really a surprise who Tyler Crispen is targeting. Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha have been on the outs since the beginning. So, Tyler’s been talking about taking a shot at both of them, much to the delight of the rest of his Big Brother alliance.

Yesterday, he made his nominations and it was indeed Janelle and Kaysar’s faces on the memory wall. Will they be able to save themselves or will the dynamic duo get separated on eviction night?

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