‘Beyond The Pole’ Premiere Episode: Yung Joc Gets Caught in the Middle of a Booty Battle “Throw Some Mo” [Recap]

Beyond The Pole premiered Thursday night on WEtv. The show follows the lives of 6 Atlanta exotic dancers on and off the stage. The new WEtv reality show airs at 10 pm. Episode 1 “Throw Some Mo” jumped right in to the Atlanta strip club scene and pulled no punches. There was even a few familiar faces from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Yung Joc and Tia Becca both made cameos in episode 1. Let’s see what went down in this episode 1 recap.

Beyond The Pole Recap: – They Live How They Get Down and They Get Down How They Live

This Beyond The Pole recap begins with ex-stripper turned millionaire life coach Stormy Wellington explaining the two sides of Atlanta. You have colleges, historical landmarks and mega churches. But you also have a hidden subculture in the strip club industry. While the clubs are frequented by pastors, entertainers, athletes, lawyers and business men, few admit to indulging in the scene. Stormy came up in this world from a young age. But she points out what goes up must come down.

On Beyond The Pole, Stormy Wellington wants to show the naked truth about the life of an exotic dancer. On and off the pole. She says the girls “live how they get down and get down how they live” . We see the girls doing some pretty elaborate pole work. And they certainly aren’t shy when it comes to twerking. Money rains down on the women while they entertain. They span a range of ages and body types.

Yung Joc Stirs A Rivalry For Two Dancers

Beyond The Pole  cast member La’Bri dances at a few clubs in Atlanta. Love And Hip Hop’s Yung Joc has invited La’Bri to the club Goosebumps on the night when he holds court. Another dancer, Summer is onstage entertaining Joc and his entourage. La’Bri sidles up and wastes no time giving Joc what he wants. Some booty shakin’. Joc playfully slaps her ample rear with some cash. He obviously likes what he sees.

On Beyond The Pole, dancer Summer of the purple wig and red lace stockings isn’t feeling La’Bri’s game. She confronts her and La’Bri just laughs it off. She explains that dancers are very territorial. And that at any given moment two rival dancers could be fighting. Cut to footage of strippers fighting backstage. The rules of club catfights are finite: if you draw blood it’s two weeks on the street.

On Beyond The Pole Yung Joc is rather amused by the battle of the booties that has broken out over him. Although, La’Bri tells producers a truth that no man who patronizes strip clubs wants to hear. “It’s not really about being loyal to the customer but rather the money.” In the end Yung Joc tells Summer to watch her mouth. Which doesn’t go over well. And she really could use those tips because she needs some hair glue.

Laina Champion Calls Her Mom And Reveals A Difficult Past

On Beyond The Pole the girls admit the money is good and comes quick. But most admit that they are there because of necessity. And several have faced some tough struggles. Laina Champion is one of them. The dancer calls her mom to check on her. In the course of the conversation it comes out that Laina’s mom is an addict. And isn’t clean now. Her mom tells her she’s sorry that she wasn’t ever there for her and wishes she could do it over.

Of course this doesn’t really help Laina Champion. She admits that her dad died when she was 2. And that her mother’s drug addiction left her basically on her own from a young age. It’s a heartbreaking and raw moment on Beyond The Pole. Laina’s been dancing for 9 years. And while she’s never done drugs, she admits she needs a few drinks to get on stage.

Stormy Wellington Offers Her Support to La’Bri on Beyond The Pole

On Beyond The Pole, we catch up with La’Bri as she’s getting a massage and anti-cellulite treatment on her famous booty. Mickey, the owner of Dreambody studio tells La’Bri that Stormy Wellington is coming in to get a waist training treatment. La’Bri admits that she wants to hang up her shoes. Mickey thinks it would be good for La’Bri to get some advice from Stormy on moving on from dancing. La’Bri has a cosmetics line she’d like to focus on.

Stormy arrives and tells a pretty awful story about going into a club at a young age and having a man pay her six hundred dollars to lift her skirt. She obliged because at home the electric was cut off. She was able to get it turned back on with the money. So she became drawn to the life to get what she didn’t have. Stormy says she’d like La’Bri to hustle for her cosmetics company like she hustles at the club. La’Bri agrees that she wants that too.

On Beyond The Pole The Dancers Support Each Other

The dancers are pretty tight. Only they understand the world they live in. They get together at La’Bri’s place for some drinks served up by her shirtless male friend Ricky. Who they call eye candy. Finally a little role reversal as they are usually the ones getting ogled. They discuss the ups and downs of work like any group of gals dishing at happy hour. Although the problems are a little different from that of some local accountants.

On Beyond The Pole dancer Ling Ling is also a model. She says she doesn’t have the typical stripper body with the big booty. She says she gets requested when the patrons want an Asian looking girl or one that’s on the slimmer side. Tia Becca, who is also on LHHAtl works in a strip club as a bottle service girl but not as a dancer. She also runs a company called Barcode to train girls in bottle service and bartending.

Angel Kake, who started dancing at 18 and then quit after 6 years has recently returned to the pole for personal reasons. Her niece Elijah has been living with her and her 9-yr-old son Jace. It’s been a disruption because Angel Kake likes to keep Jace on a strict schedule. She is also upset that Elijah snuck off and tried stripping. It’s not what Angel wants for her niece. But Elijah admits she didn’t make any money and it wasn’t for her. Be sure to tune into Beyond The Pole Thursday nights at 10 PM on WEtv.

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