‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Jordan Kimball Talks Jenna Cooper Cheating With Reality Steve

After the Bachelor in Paradise finale, Jordan Kimball talked about Jenner Cooper with Reality Steve. The rumors are going crazy that Jenna was cheating on Jordan and that their entire relationship was fake. It looks like Jordan and Jenna are over.

Bachelor in Paradise – Jordan Kimball talks to Reality Steve

Last night, People shared an interview with Jordan Kimball where he shared that he is heartbroken. The couple had set a wedding date, but it all fell apart yesterday. Her ex called her out and said that Jenna was with him the entire time she was with Jordan. According to him, her relationship with Jordan was all fake.

Steve went to his blog today to share that he talked to Jordan last night. Reality Steve was the one who broke the news and Jordan found out while he was driving. People from the show started sending screenshots to him. Steve says he hates having to be the one to break this news, but that is his job.

Jordan Kimball talked to Steve and didn’t have much new to say. He basically said all of the same things to him that he did in the interview with People. At this time, he is in total shock over what happened and isn’t getting the answers he wants and needs from Jenna.

Steve went on to explain saying, “He’s very confused, and a lot of that confusion comes from the fact he isn’t getting the answers from Jenna one would want from a fiancé who’s been accused of this. I’m sure there’s more to come.”

Did Jenna Cooper really do it?

Right now, it sounds like Jenna Cooper probably did cheat on Jordan Kimball, but she isn’t admitting to it. Jordan has deleted all signs of her from his Instagram page, but the picture below is still posted on Jenna’s Instagram.


Reality Steve really did his research before reporting this story. He had the guy send him multiple screenshots. He said the time was one minute apart and the battery life was the same proving it was the same phone. A lot of people were questioning why Jenna would call this guy “Princess.” As Steve, explains Jenna is kind of odd and nobody should be shocked by what she does.

One more thing that fans are arguing about is the way her name looks at the top of the messages. Steve explained that Jordan Kimball sent him a text that looks the same way. It all has to do with your settings. He doesn’t doubt that these messages are from Jenna at all.

For now, everyone is watching on Jenna Cooper to share her side of the story. Heck, even Jordan Kimball wants to hear from his Bachelor in Paradise fiance. He has talked to her, but he isn’t getting the answers he wants. So far, she is denying any claims that she did something.

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