‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Jenna Cooper Says She Will Prove Rumors Wrong, Wants Jordan Kimball Back

Bachelor in Paradise star Jenna Cooper is saying she will prove the rumors about her wrong and wants Jordan Kimball back. These two got engaged at the end of Bachelor in Paradise. After that, rumors came out that Jenna was faking the relationship and cheating on him the entire time. She has never admitted to it.

Jenna Cooper says it is all a lie

Jenna Coope isn’t holding back and is saying that it is all a lie. The crazy thing is Jordan Kimball talked to Reality Steve on his podcast this week. In this interview, he explained that Jenna wasn’t denying it all to him. She did deny them on her Instagram, but not to Jordan. He also felt like he had reason to believe it was her in these texts that Steve shared.

On Friday, Jenna Cooper went to her Instagram page. She said, “To Jordan, our families, friends, and supporters: please stand by as I prepare to provide the true facts that will demonstrate the fraud perpetrated by terrible individuals.” She then went on to say, “Please be patient as this takes time. In the interim, I appreciate all the continued love and support I have received. I am presently back home with my family trying to heal from this heartbreak.”

When Bachelor in Paradise filmed the reunion just a couple of weeks ago, Jordan and Jenna were doing great. In the video below, you can see that they were happy and engaged. Things changed for this couple the second that Reality Steve put out that post.

Jenna’s plan to get back Jordan Kimball

Jenna and Jordan were engaged and already planning a big wedding. They were going to do it on television and also have Chris Harrison officiating. Recently, Jordan shared that his relationship was over, but Jenna Cooper doesn’t seem fine with that answer. She wants her man back because she says she didn’t do anything wrong.

Jenna is insisting that the truth will come out. She promises this will all happen in the next few weeks. If that is the case, then Jordan Kimball has to be very confused right now. Jenna seems to know who did this and she is out to prove them wrong. She even said, “I look forward to returning to a place of happiness, joy, moving forward with Jordan, and life.. knowing that everyone knows the truth.”


It sounds like Jenna Cooper will do anything she can to prove this wrong and get Jordan back. You have to wonder what conversations are going on between them now. Jordan may have heard more from her since he talked to Reality Steve on his podcast. If that is the case, he may be starting to believe her, but at this time nobody knows for sure.

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