‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Drama: Amanda Stanton Arrested for Domestic Violence

Bachelor in Paradise’s Amanda Stanton has been arrested for domestic violence. She is not on this season of BIP, but fans know her from two past seasons. Amanda found love with Josh Murray and then Robby Hayes, but neither relationship worked out. Amanda Stanton was on Ben Higgins season of The Bachelor as well. She now has a new boyfriend who doesn’t have anything to do with reality television.

Amanda Stanton’s arrest

TMZ was able to break the news about Amanda Stanton’s big arrest that went down in Las Vegas. Amanda and her boyfriend Bobby Jacobs were at the Encore for a co-ed Bachelorette event. Security ended up getting called to the room simply because of a noise complaint. This turned into a big mess and Amanda got in trouble for a lot more than just being loud and partying.

It turns out that Bobby was talking to a guard when Bachelor in Paradise’s Amanda Stanton went up to them. She actually shoved her boyfriend right in front of the guard and ended up getting arrested with a charge of  domestic violence. This shove was pretty hard and security was called over it. So far, this is all that is being reported that she did to him, but it was enough to get her arrested.


What caused Amanda Stanton’s Arrest?

Amanda Stanton was intoxicated and it sounds like maybe more. Bobby and Amanda are still dating and the couple is saying they think someone slipped something into her drink. They don’t seem to know who or what, though. You can assume they think it was some kind of drug.

TMZ reached out to Amanda and Bobby both, but neither one is saying anything. The fans would love to hear details straight from her about what happened. Amanda hasn’t posted on her social networks at all for the last few days.

As long as Amanda stays with Bobby, it looks like she is done with reality television. Maybe she has moved on from her time on Bachelor in Paradise. She actually didn’t show up this season to look for love, but that didn’t keep Robby Hayes away. Her ex came on the show late and tried to find love. He did get a date, but he won’t be engaged at the end of this season.


A new episode airs every Monday and Tuesday night both on ABC. Colton Underwood also just started filming his season of The Bachelor. 

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