‘America’s Next Top Model’ Contestant Jael Strauss Dies – Last Tweet From Hospice

America’s Next Top Model contestant Jael Strauss has died at 34-years-old after wishing for a miracle that never materialized. Jael Strauss passed away just a few months after she was given the diagnosis of stage 4 metastatic inflammatory breast cancer.

America’s Next Top Model – Jael Strauss has Died

Jael got online to talk about her diagnosis a few months back and said she didn’t want to die. She had gone through chemotherapy but at the end of October, she decided to stop the treatment. Then around Thanksgiving, she went into Hospice.

While in Hospice, this former America’s Next Top Model contestant shared her thoughts about life and death. The disease had spread quickly throughout her body and Jael Strauss knew she was waiting to die. The beautiful young woman wrote:  “First night in hospice. So many things I never knew about life. Or death. So many things.”

Jael Informed America’s Next Top Model Fans on Her Journey Before Her Death

Back in October Jael first took to social media to share the medical crisis she was facing. She wrote:

“I was gonna write some long thing but some of you guys deserve to know. On October 2nd I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. It has aggressively spread throughout my body and is incurable. With treatment, it may prolong my life longer than the “few months” doctors said I could make it. I don’t want to die. I need another one of those miracles that I got back in 2013.”

This America’s Next Top Model contestant was brutally honest about her plight from the beginning.

Searching for Another Miracle

What she was referring to back in 2013 was her recovery from addiction. Jael wrote, “miracles are real,” when referring to her success with recovery. She also said, “we are never too broken to be put back together.” She appeared on the Dr. Phil show to discuss her addiction back in 2012.

Jael Strauss Got To See How Much She Was Loved

Jael’s family addressed her passing today with a statement that included ” “The one blessing was that we were able to show her how loved she was before she passed. She brought so much light to people.” The former contestant from America’s Next Top Model will be missed by family and friends.

A Go Fund Me account started for the model raised $18,000 to help pay for her treatment. Jael Strauss experienced the kindness and generosity of people who donated to this fund. They did this in hopes it would help with her treatments.

Fans of Jael Strauss remember her from season 8 of America’s Next Top Model.
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