‘Alaskan Bush People’ Stars Ami and Billy Brown Can’t Ever Return to Alaska

Alaskan Bush People stars Ami and Billy Brown have been through a lot and it turns out that they can’t ever actually return to Alaska. This can’t be easy on them considering how much they enjoyed living there. The couple is now living in the lower 48 states and things seem to be going well for them. In a new interview with Radar Online, Billy Brown shared that they can’t even return to the state that they love so much.

Billy Brown explains why they can’t turn to Alaska

It turns out that Billy and Ami Brown can’t return to Alaska at all. They left their home state in 2017. The big move happened around the time that it was revealed that Ami Brown has cancer. It turns out that has to do with their big move. Billy explained the details to Radar Online.

“Unfortunately, we can never move back to Alaska. We were told that we must always be near a hospital so that Ami Brown can receive treatment for her cancer. And when we were told that, we made a choice to leave and now we must always live by that choice no matter what.”

The couple normally lives in the middle of the Alaskan Bush. It’s not an area that has doctors or hospitals around. They did a lot of living off the land, which just won’t fit what they need with Ami Brown’s new health issues. It is smart for them to make sure they are living near a hospital. Billy Brown is just doing what is best for his wife and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

How is Ami Brown now?

It turns out that Ami Brown is said to be in remission, but according to her husband Billy Brown, her cancer isn’t totally gone. He explained by saying, “She still has stage 0 primary, and there are still traces. But they took the majority out, and the growth is really slow. She is doing good, but the docs made it clear that we have to live in a place where she can go to the hospital at any time.”

Hopefully, things will continue to look good for Ami Brown. The fans will just have to wait until this season of the show to see how it is going for her and get some big updates from the family. At one point, it sounded like she might not end up making it, so this is great news.

The new season of Alaskan Bush People

This new season is going to be totally different than anything the viewers have been before. Billy Brown and his family are now in the lower 48 states. Some of the kids have moved away. Hopefully they will still be on the show, but they won’t be on it the way they were before. In the past, they were all living in the same area. Hopefully they will continue to be on the show.

Gabe Brown revealed that Discovery was really supportive of the family moving. They were fine with following them. The fans love the Brown family and not just because they lived in Alaska, so this change is not going to keep people from watching their reality show.

Noah Brown also just got married to Rhain Brown. This is a big change. It looks like the family of Alaskan Bush People was there to celebrate his big day with him. It was great for everyone to get the chance to see Ami again since she has been dealing with her cancer battle. She is up and moving around, which is fantastic news.

The new season of Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People will start on Discovery on August 19, 2018. The crazy thing about this is that they have canceled this show, but they just keep bringing it back over and over. Everyone loves Ami and Billy Brown and continue to want updates on this family. This new season is going go be exciting to see.