‘Alaskan Bush People’: Noah Brown’s Baby Boasting Gets on Siblings’ Nerves

Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown is a new father as the season opens and it seems he goes overboard when it comes to his son. Elijah Brown is still a baby in this latest season and Noah can’t say enough about his baby Eli.

Alaskan Bush People: Too Much Gushing for New Dad Noah Brown?

The siblings from Alaskan Bush People each react differently to Noah Brown’s constant gushing about baby Eli. Apparently Bear Brown’s attitude leaves Noah to believe his brother is jealous.

But Joshua “Bam” Brown doesn’t mince words on the new season premiere of Alaskan Bush People. He tells his brother he’s both a helicopter parent as well as a snowplow parent.

When first hearing this, Noah Brown looks a bit perplexed. But Bam is more than happy to explain it to him. He tells the new dad how a helicopter parent hovers over their kid. He sees his Alaskan Bush People brother, Noah, turning into one of those parents.

Alaskan Bush People: Noah Brown - Rhain Brown - Elijah Brown

Noah Brown: Helicopter Parent, Snowplow Parent, or Both?

Then there’s the snowplow parent. That’s the mom or dad that pushes everything out of the way so the kid has smooth sailing. It seems Noah took issue with the snowplow analogy. That’s not the type of parent he will be to Eli, he lets Bam Brown know.

The new father believes letting the kid navigate his own roadblocks builds character. While fans were happy to hear the new dad from Alaskan Bush People say this, it remains to be seen when Eli Brown gets older.

When you have a baby a parent has no other choice than to plow all hazards out of the way. When little ones start crawling and then walking, it’s a parent’s duty to make the surrounding baby safe.

Keeping things safe for a baby is one thing. But some parents continue making the world void of all obstructions for their kids as they get older. That’s the parent Bam predicts his Alaskan Bush People brother, Noah, turns in to.

Alaskan Bush People: Jealousy Surfaces As Baby Talk Continues

It’s endearing to see a dad take such pride in their baby as Noah Brown does with Eli. But his Alaskan Bush People siblings think Noah goes too far. It seems Noah thinks Bear is wishing a family life for himself. Noah Brown believes this is why Bear acts a bit jealous when the new father talks about his new son.

Of course, the siblings didn’t know it at the time they filmed this season that Bear would soon step into Noah’s shoes. After the filming of this season of Alaskan Bush People, Bear finds out that he too will be a dad. Bear’s love life is in full bloom in the new season. Fans are even privy to the man-child asking Raiven Brown to “go steady” in the episodes to come.

Little does Noah Brown know in this season that Eli Brown will be joined by two more Brown family babies. Gabe Brown and his wife Raquell Brown expect their first baby any day now. Noah and Rhain Brown did grace Ami Brown and Billy Brown with their first grandbaby, but after Gabe’s baby is born, another one is due.

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams expect their baby in April. Despite being estranged as a couple, the two plan to co-parent their Bear cub.

A new season of the Alaskan Bush People is underway and you can catch a new episode Wednesday nights on the Discovery Channel.

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