Acorn TV: ‘Agatha Raisin’ Season 3 Offers Only One Episode – But Not for Long [Trailer]

Acorn TV: Agatha Raisin, played by Ashley Jensen, is a British TV show that quickly gained a fan base across the pond in the US. So when season 3 emerged with only one episode listed, disappointment emerged. But no worries needed, Acorn TV plans to add more Agatha Raisin episodes very soon.

Acorn TV: Agatha Raisin – New Episodes Ready to Go

Starting February 10, Acorn TV brings three more Agatha Raisin episodes to the screen. But these are not your typical TV or cable series episodes. No, fans get movie-length installments of the rather eccentric PR executive turned amateur sleuth.

For all of you Acorn TV viewers, you might see Agatha Raisin with a combination of traits from other popular shows. Some might say there’s a dash of Midsomer Murders and a pinch of Father Brown. It may even seem Aggie offers a more modern recipe for sleuthing than that of Agatha Christie.

Right now “Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House” is the only episode offered from Season 3. But the new installments titled “Love From Hell,” “As The Pig Turns,” and “The Deadly Dance” are ready to go. A new episode rolls out each week starting February 10.

For those of you who have never seen this popular British series or who don’t have Acorn TV at home, you’re missing out on some great entertainment. The scenery around the Cotswolds of England is breathtaking. But the village is quaint, something Aggie looked for when she retired early.

Aggie Lands in Quaint Cotswolds Turns Amateur Sleuth

The successful London PR’s dream was to make scores of money. Next, she planned to move to a place she visited as a girl. So when she gained fame in the celebrity PR business she made a ton of dough. Now the city slicker lives out her dream in a country village. Her latest career came accidentally but she’s loving her new lease on life as a gumshoe.

Little did Agatha Raisin know that she harbored a detective deep inside. She just happened upon her first case. But after she solved it, the newcomer with the blond bob made quite the name for herself as an amateur detective among the colorful villagers.

Ashley Jensen Returns to Acorn TV

Agatha Raisin is played by Ashley Jensen, 50, who is not just a popular actress across the pond. No, fans of Ugly Betty might remember her role as Christina McKinney on the ABC series. She also played the role of Maggie Jacobs on the show Extras. Ashley Jensen has numerous roles to her credit on screen.

In Season 3, Agatha Raisin opens a new detective agency. She’s looking to solve crimes with the help of her friends, including her boyfriend. That’s James Lacey (Jamie Glover). His role on the show has him the author of British history books. This on-again-off-again romance seems a bit more permanent this season when the two move in together.

Acorn TV: Agatha Raisin Tosses In Comedy As Well

It looks like Ashley Jensen found her niche as the likable and oh-so-colorful character Agatha Raisin. She offers quite a bit of entertainment as a woman who solves crimes in England’s rural countryside.

This Acorn series bases its stories on the bestselling novels of comedic mystery penned by M.C. Beaton. Fans of the show hopped on social media wondering when Agatha Raisin returns to Acorn TV. Well, wonder no more.

Acorn TV rolls out three-more movie-length episodes weekly of Agatha Raisin. Look for the first new episode on February 10.

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