’90 Day Fiance’: Yamir Talks Using Chelsea for Green Card

90 Day Fiance star Yamir Castillo spoke about fans thinking he used Chelsea Macek for a green card. The TLC duo appeared on Bares All and talked about their divorce, new relationships and being face to face after so long.

90 Day Fiance: Yamir Castillo Denies Marrying Chelsea Macek for Green Card

Yamir Castillo and Chelsea Macek shared their love story on season two of 90 Day Fiance. Since appearing on the show, a lot has happened in their lives. Yamir and Chelsea are no longer together after a year and a half of marriage. Yamir said that the most challenging part of their divorce was having people want to know what happened. He said that people even accused him of only marrying Chelsea for a green card.

The 90 Day Fiance reality stars were only husband and wife for less than two years. Yamir Castillo was afraid that immigration would think his marriage to Chelsea Macek was just for a green card since it didn’t last long. He was also fearful of being sent back to Nicaragua. Yamir even thought that there was a good chance he’d have to leave the country and have a new start that doesn’t include living in the states.

Since Chelsea Macek brought Yamir Castillo to America, she felt guilty that he had to go through the stress and fear of being deported.

90 Day Fiance: Yamir Castillo

Yamir & Chelsea Find Love Again

After going their separate ways, Chelsea Macek and Yamir Castillo have found love again. Yamir and his new girlfriend have been together for the past two years. The 90 Day Fiance alum said that they are doing “really good.” However, he also said that they are taking things slowly. Yamir and his new lover even share the same interest in music. He said that she is also a musician and is a music engineer. He hopes that she is the one. But, he plans to take their relationship “step by step.”

Chelsea Macek from 90 Day Fiance has also moved on with someone new. She is dating a man from Venezuela. She said that he is amazing. Chelsea even called him her “soulmate.” Fans know that it’s serious when someone refers to their partner as their soulmate. However, Chelsea said that she knew early on that they were meant to be.

90 Day Fiance: Yamir Castillo - Chelsea Macek

90 Day Fiance Pair Happy to See Each Other after Years

It looks like Chelsea Macek and Yamir Castillo have a type when it comes to picking a partner. Dating Americans seem to be Yamir’s preference, while Chelsea has her eyes set on foreigners. However, they don’t deny having a type. Chelsea even said that people make fun of them for it.

The 90 Day Fiance TLC stars haven’t seen each other in a while. Chelsea Macek said that “it’s lovely,” getting to see Yamir Castillo again. She also said that she is glad that he has found happiness. And, it seems like the feelings are mutual. Yamir said that he hopes Chelsea has found her soulmate.

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