’90 Day Fiance’: Why Doesn’t Robert’s Son Bryson Live with his Mother?

90 Day Fiance personality Robert Springs‘ son little Bryson Springs has captured the hearts of fans. So, obviously, viewers want to learn more about the five-year-old that his father treasures. More specifically, the mysterious mother that Robert rarely talks about and left Bryson when he was only a year old. It turns out there’s a little more to the story than Robert let on, including a criminal record. So, what’s the deal with Bryson’s mom?

90 Day Fiance: Robert Springs’ Son Bryson Wins Over Fans

It was love at first sight when 90 Day Fiance fans were introduced to Bryson Springs, Robert Springs’ five-year-old son. The adorable little boy won the hearts of viewers everywhere and became a central part of Robert’s TLC storyline. Although Bryson isn’t Robert’s only child, he’s the only one that lives with him and Anny.

One of the things he hoped when bringing Anny to Florida was that her relationship with him could be that of a mother and a son. It’s actually starting to become that way as of late because the two have formed quite the bond. Plus Anny is expecting she and Robert’s 90 Day Fiance baby so it’s likely that her motherly instincts are starting to kick in and she’s getting a lot of practice in with Bryson.

Bryson’s Mother Left Him & Robert

According to Robert Springs, Bryson’s mother abandoned them a long time ago. He says that she left when Bryson was only one-and-a-half-years-old. She’s never been shown on 90 Day Fiance, but he did briefly talk about her leaving in one of the episodes.

It didn’t sound like he expected her to come back anytime soon. He says she moved “everything out of the apartment without telling me” and disappeared. Although Bryson doesn’t ever see his mother, he does see his grandmother Stephanie Woodcock and spends time with her.

90 Day Fiance: She Has a Criminal Record?

Robert Springs left one thing out when he was talking about his ex and Bryson’s mom. It looks like she has a criminal history with domestic battery against him and the police reportedly arrested her at their home. She was released her and there were no further charges against her for that incident. The arrest may explain why she would have left Robert and Bryson so suddenly.

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