’90 Day Fiance’: Veronica’s Dog Goes on Killing Spree

90 Day Fiance star Veronica Rodriguez talks about how her dog took the life of another animal recently. Also, she’s seeking out the help of her fans to help her find a way to replace the animal her pup killed.

90 Day Fiance: Veronica Rodriguez Fights for Dog

90 Day Fiance star Veronica Rodriguez loves to spoil her pooch with attention and treats. However, she and her ex Tim Malcolm are often fighting over giving Artemis attention. Also, she loves taking the opportunity to show off her canine and her cat hanging out with one another. In a recent update, she shows off her kitty smelling her pup’s muzzle. But, Artemis isn’t happy about this. He quickly snaps at the cat, who barely manages to get away.

90 Day Fiance: Veronica Rodriguez

TLC Star Reveals Canine Ran Away

90 Day Fiance personality Veronica Rodriguez is talking about how she just recently got home from being out. Then, she discovers her dog, Artemis, has run away from home. Next, she shows her husky pup panting and bends down to get on his level. She yells at her canine, asking what he’s got to say for himself.

Also, 90 Day Fiance star Veronica Rodriguez talks about how she’s unsure if Artemis brought the demise of a wayward rooster. She’s unsure if her canine and his hound friend were the “culprit.” However, she takes this moment as an opportunity to show her followers how she keeps track of Artemis. First, she says Artemis is “definitely a runner.” But, she’s able to track him because she’s got a tracking device attached to his collar. She tells her followers she’ll share the device she’s using for him. This way, they can also have a way to track their pets.

90 Day Fiance: Veronica Rodriguez

90 Day Fiance: Veronica Rodriguez Reveals Artemis Kills Roosters

Later on, Veronica from 90 Day Fiance says she’s looking for a wayward rooster. This is because Artemis got out of her yard again and ran down the road to a nearby farm. She says when she found him, he’s bothering a herd of cows. Also, she says the cows were mooing at her as she walks up to grab her dog. She says it felt like they were begging her to take the canine away so he wasn’t bothering them anymore.

Also, the farm owner waves Veronica down as she drives down the street to get Artemis. Next, Veronica asks her fans if they know where she can purchase a new rooster for the farm owner. She says she wants to replace it because she knows Artemis killed the first one. However, despite this possible killing spree by her dog, Veronica still loves Artemis. She says he’ll always be her “puppy.”

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