’90 Day Fiance’: Tom Brooks Knocks Darcey Silva Off Pedestal on ‘Before the 90 Days’?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Darcey Silva seems to endure several embarrassing situations with Tom Brooks even before they meet in person. It appears that dreams of the guy who will treat her like a queen. But that attempt to put herself on a pedestal appears to topple.

Darcey raves about Tom to her friends and family. It sounds as if he’s the answer to all her worries when it comes to finding love. But 90 Day Fiance viewers hopped online to suggest Darcey Silva appears like a desperate woman. As she’s already expecting a ring before even meeting the guy in person.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Darcey Silva Desperate?

The Connecticut mom of two voiced her concerns from the get-go to the 90 Day Fiance cameras. She pondered whether she’s involved with another Jesse Meester. As she put it, a Jesse, but in disguise. But for some fans of the show, Darcey is doing all she can to keep the memory of Jesse alive during the show.

It’s easy to spot Darcey’s a bit bitter as she takes in a disturbing phone call on speakerphone.That call has Tom Brooks on the other end. Before leaving for London, Darcey heads out for drinks with her twin sister Stacy and her friend Reina.

They talk about this 90 Day Fiance love quest Darcey’s about to embark on. This is when she calls Tom and he is put on speakerphone for all three women to hear.

When Reina looks at him, she made the comment that she would take him on. The flirtation led to Tom asking Reina to show him some cleavage. She did just that. You could almost see the smoke plumes emerging from Darcey’s ears as she’s fuming over this.

90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva Before the 90 Days

Tom Brooks Flirtatious Ways Irks His Lady From Across the Pond

Tom’s flirtatious gestures happen in front of her. So now Darcey wonders what he does when she’s not around. That scene was rather mortifying for Darcey Silva. But there’s more to come on 90 Days Fiance: Before the 90 Days. As mortifying as that scene was, other incidents seem to go right over her head. Sometimes it doesn’t look like Darcey realizes that some of Tom’s actions or words tend to appear demeaning.

Darcey makes her journey to London to meet Tom Brooks face to face for the first time. But he tells her he is sending a driver to get her. Why? Apparently, he has her long trip in mind. She might want some time to freshen up before they meet in person, according to a new report.

This way she can make sure bad breath hasn’t set in, as she’ll have time to brush her teeth before meeting Tom. The photos above suggest the 90 Day Fiance love-struck star did just that in the airport’s bathroom.

The previews show Darcey freshening up in an airport bathroom. She makes use of the hand drying machine for drying her underarms. Then she brushes her teeth. But for the finishing touch, she puts some type of body mist all over herself.

With tiny lingerie under a short jacket, Darcey Silva looks like a woman attempting to seduce herself a new 90 Day Fiance. Of course, with the hopes, she eventually wrangles herself a husband. But along with all those suitcases and carry-ons, Darcey brings some hidden baggage. Even Jesse Meester notices this intangible junk she carries with her.

90 Day Fiance: Darcey Comes With Baggage – Jesse Meester

Darcey thinks it’s thoughtful that Tom sent a driver. But people in the 90 Day Fiance viewing audience think he should meet her, not a driver. It sounds to viewers like he wants his package all pretty and tidied up before arrival. But as the episodes roll out fans notice something else – Jesse Meester.

It seems this 90 Day Fiance celeb can’t leave Jesse in the past. He’s become very much a part of this season so far. While he’s not seen, the number of times his name passes through the lips of Darcey Silva is astronomical. It gives him a prominent place on the show. Many viewers express their opinion on Darcey’s on-going Jesse infatuation across the social media sites.

While Tom might be a player, fans of 90 Day Fiance start to see that maybe Darcey pushes him towards this. Whether or not this 90 Day Fiance veteran wants to admit it to herself or not – fans see her still in love with Jesse.

It’s starting to look as if Darcey Silva might push Tom away because she can’t let go of the past. There’s not enough room in this relationship for Darcey to constantly drag Jesse verbally along.

So, Darcey Silva lands in London high on a pedestal. But will Tom Brooks keep her up there or will he attempt to knock her down? Keep watching as fans suggest another train wreck is in the making for Darcey Silva on this TLC reality show.

Tune in to TLC on Sunday nights for 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days at 8 pm ET.

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