’90 Day Fiance’: Tom Brooks and Jesse Slam Darcey’s TLC Spinoff

90 Day Fiance sisters Darcey Silva and twin Stacey Silva are getting their own show on TLC. It was just revealed this week that Darcey and Stacey will be returning to the franchise for another spin-off called Darcey & Stacey. It’ll feature the pair’s relationships, children, and everyday lives.

Yet, not everyone has good things to say to the Silva sisters about the new show. More specifically, Darcey’s exes Tom and Jesse. Both of them fired some shots at Darcey and you’re going to want to read what they had to say.

90 Day Fiance: Darcey & Stacey Silva Get Spin-off

Although she hasn’t landed a husband yet, Darcey Silva has been on all seasons of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Not only that, but she’s also appeared on Pillow Talk. Darcey’s twin sister Stacey Silva has made appearances on both shows alongside her sister.

Now, they’re getting a show of their very own: Darcey & Stacey. TLC just announced their latest show would encompass the lives of the two 90 Day Fiance sisters. While we’ll get to see their children, we’ll also be seeing their current boyfriends. Stacey’s still dating Florian Sukaj and Darcey, as reported by Soap Dirt, is seeing Georgi Rusev.

Jesse Meester Goes Off On Ex Darcey

With the announcement of the new show, comes the response from Darcey Silva’s former flames. Firstly, is Jesse Meester, who shared the beginning of her 90 Day Fiance journey. Jesse had something to say when it came to the big news. He called out both Darcey and TLC for their parts in using men.

Jesse said, “She only had to use, abuse and manipulate 5 guys in order to get what she wanted all along from the network.” He also ripped TLC for a lack of “ethics” by rewarding “lying and manipulating”. The 90 Day Fiance personality says that Darcey “still owes” him money and “maybe she can finally pay me back now”. Jesse says he’s been “a sugar daddy for her for far too long”.

90 Day Fiance: Jesse Meester

90 Day Fiance: Tom Brooks Sarcastically Congratulates Darcey

It isn’t just Jesse Meester that shared hit back at Darcey Silva. Her more recent ex Tom Brooks had a little something to say as well. He said “congratulations” and added that finally, “you [Darcey] have what you wanted”. It seems he thinks that Darcey played him in order to get this opportunity.

In a way, Tom Brooks is right. For years, way before TLC’s 90 Day Fiance, Darcey and Stacey had been trying to get a reality show of their own. They were even in a failed pilot. Now, it’s happening for real.

Darcey & Stacey premieres August 16.

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