’90 Day Fiance’: Tom Brooks Hires PR Team After IG Fiasco – Will It Save His Image?

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Tom Brooks appeared to do damage control after his social media snafu. Tom’s reputation took a beating after his fraudulent posts have been exposed online. The 39-year-old boyfriend of Darcey Silva allegedly posted “stolen” photos of luxury items on Instagram and passed them off as his own.

The consequences of Tom Brooks’ actions might be too much for him to handle, thus prompting him to hire a social media manager. Will this help him save his image? Or will it only make things worse for the new 90 Day Fiance personality?

90 Day Fiance: Tom Brooks Overhauls Instagram Page – Hires PR Team

Looks like Tom Brooks is done dealing with all the hateful comments online. The 90 Day Fiance celeb took it upon himself to hire a PR team who will help him rebuild his Instagram account. Shortly after receiving a major backlash over his misleading posts, Darcey Silva’s British boyfriend announced his page is now being handled by someone else.

Tom Brooks’ Instagram bio revealed that his page is currently operated by The Social Media Mafia. Apparently, Darcey’s beau joined the team in hopes of filtering his posts, comments from his followers, as well as direct messages. Tom also teased the upcoming changes on his IG, including new contents.

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days: Tom Brooks

Tom Explains Latest Strategy

By the looks of it, Tom Brooks and his PR team already started working on improving his page. The 90 Day Fiance star made changes on his Instagram account, which definitely didn’t go unnoticed. For one, he deleted all of the questionable photos on his IG. Tom’s page no longer has those fancy images of branded items and posh vacation spots. He claimed that he stripped them out of his account to avoid further confusion.

Darcey Silva’s debonair gentleman also explained why he decided to hire someone to handle his page, particularly his direct messages. In a comment, Tom Brooks revealed that he used to personally answered messages from his 90 Day Fiance fans. However, he claimed that a few of them took his responses out of context and used them against him.

“Thank you for all your dm’s it’s been nice to speak with a lot of people who were genuinely trying to get to know me and be kind,” Tom wrote. “Unfortunately, there seems to be a quest by a few then use these messages out of content to shame me. I have therefore asked a social media manager to deal with dm’s from now on. I will continue to respond to the feed . Thank you for your support”.


Fans Mock His PR Move

Despite Tom Brooks’ attempt of recovering from his controversial Instagram fiasco, some of his fans still won’t cut him some slack. The 90 Day Fiance‘s move was met with mockery and criticism online. Apparently, some think that the businessman beau of Darcey Silva is trying hard to be a celebrity by having his own PR team. Others even questioned why Tom hasn’t apologized to the rightful owners of the photos he re-posted without permission.

There were also some who mocked Darcey Silva’s boyfriend for choosing an agency with a very little following online. Interestingly, it looks like Tom is not the only 90 Day Fiance star who is with the company. Other cast members like Tim Malcolm and his girlfriend Jeniffer Tarazona appear to be clients of them. Even Darcey Silva is part of it as well.

So far, Tom has yet to address his Instagram gaffe again. It also remains unclear if Darcey Silva’s man is going to stick with his PR plan for good.

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