’90 Day Fiance’: Tom Brooks Engaged?

90 Day Fiance cast member Tom Brooks may be engaged based on updates from Darcey Silva’s ex. Tom has a reputation as a playboy. And, he certainly has a way with the ladies. But, it looks like he may finally be ready to settle down.

90 Day Fiance: Tom Brooks Puts a Ring on It?

Tom Brooks went through a few ladies since calling it quits with Darcey Silva on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. And, because of that, many TLC watchers see Tom as a lothario when it comes to his love life. But, based on the latest updates, that may be about to change.

Tom Brooks showed off pics with a new woman. And, even though you can’t see her face in recent snaps, what you can see Is telling. Tom Brooks shows off with a ring on his finger. And, it seems he is engaged to his latest lady love. But, some 90 Day Fiance followers don’t buy it.

90 Day Fiance: Tom Brooks

90 Day Fiance: Is It An Attention-Grab?

Many 90 Day Fiance watchers doubt the legitimacy of Tom Brooks’ teased engagement. The fact that he wears a ring with his lady love’s face half hidden in the background has a lot of watchers crying foul. And, the fact that Tom deleted the update soon after sharing it casts further doubt on the whole thing.

There’s also Tom Brooks’ recent relationship history to consider as well. It wasn’t too long ago that things seemed to be going well with his most recent ex, Amanda McAdams. The pair were still together when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit. Soon after, the 90 Day Fiance celeb ditched her for England. And, Tom claimed it was due to the state of his parents’ health.

90 Day Fiance‘s Tom Brooks has a pattern of leaving women heartbroken. And, that was definitely the case with his most recent ex. But, it looks like Tom already moved on in a big way.

90 Day Fiance: Tom Brooks

Tom Brooks Filming Again for TLC?

Tom Brooks teasing his latest engagement comes on the heels of a TLC camera crew filming scenes with him and his parents back in England. Since filming his first season of Before the 90 Days with Darcey Silva, Tom is a staple for the network. And, it makes sense for them to put him in more episodes.

Meanwhile, if that’s the case, this new engagement and love interest could be part of his next TLC storyline. And, Tom could be dropping hints now in order to keep viewers interested in what the network has in store. Due to this, there’s distrust among watchers over whether this new relationship is genuine or just another plot to extend his time in the TLC spotlight. But, either way, it’s more than enough to keep 90 Day Fiance followers tuning in.

Tom Brooks shared some sentimental words – along with a snap of him and his mystery woman. Meanwhile, their faces are out of the frame. Even if this is intentional to hype upcoming content, most 90 Day Fiance watchers want to know more about this new relationship. And, it may not be long before viewers see him and his new lady love in fresh episodes.

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