’90 Day Fiance’: Tom Brooks Auctions Iconic Key for Darcey Silva

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days returnee Tom Brooks is removing all traces of Darcey Silva on his life. The British man seems eager to have the last laugh as he continues to prove their relationship is “categorically done and dusted”. In another obvious jab at Darcey, Tom unhesitantly gets rid of an item that holds a special meaning to their short-lived romance.

90 Day Fiance: Tom Brooks Auctions Key to His Heart – Locks the Door on Darcey Silva?

Looks like Tom Brooks is closing his heart for good on Darcey Silva. The 90 Day Fiance celebrity made a sarcastic move to prove he’s done with his American ex-girlfriend. Tom revealed he’s putting up the iconic key he gave Darcey at an eBay auction.

The TLC celeb asked interested bidders to reserve their bids. He added that all proceeds are going to a good cause. It remains unclear if Tom Brooks is serious about the said auction. He hasn’t shared any other details about the bidding, so it could be just another diss at Darcey Silva.

In a previous episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, Darcey said “goodbye to the key” after her nasty confrontation with Tom. She mailed the fancy ring box with the key inside, saying it doesn’t belong in the United States anymore. Darcey Silva also seemed eager to start fresh without Tom Brooks in her life.

90 Day Fiance: Tom Brooks - Before the 90 Days

Tom Continues to Mock Darcey

Tom Brooks’ supposed key auction led to speculations that he still holds grudges towards Darcey Silva. Apparently, many think the 90 Day Fiance celeb is being petty, especially after Darcey Silva got the sympathy of many viewers. Tom faced a major backlash over his insensitive remarks about Darcey Silva’s weight on the show and the way he treated her.

In response to Darcey Silva mailing back his skeleton key, Tom Brooks made yet another sarcastic comment obviously directed at her. “No need to send the key back,” he wrote. “I moved home”. It seems he did receive the key as he goes on to auction it.

90 Day Fiance: Tom Brooks - Darcey Silva - Before the 90 Days

90 Day Fiance Star Runs Fake Page to Bully Darcey?

Meanwhile, Tom Brooks is also facing allegations that he’s behind a bogus page that bullies Darcey Silva. The 90 Day Fiance veteran is being accused of running a troll account to harass his ex-girlfriend online. Some fans say, the contact details on the page are listed on a website run by Tom Brooks. But, that should be a red flag that the site does not belong to Tom, because he would not use his personal information on a fake site.

Tom Brooks vehemently denied such claims for just those reasons. “Do people really think I’m stupid enough to publish a page with my details?” he fired back. “Crawl back under the rocks you came from”. The account has already changed its name and set to private.

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