’90 Day Fiance’: Tim Malcolm Shows Off Manly Side In Gun Firing Video

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Tim Malcolm has had enough of the gay rumors being thrown at him. The reality star’s sexuality has been in question ever since his debut on the hit TLC franchise. Avid viewers of the show have seen Tim’s cringeworthy moments with his Colombian model girlfriend, particularly when it comes to being intimate.

But it seems there’s more to Tim Malcolm than meets the eye that 90 Day Fiance doesn’t show. Apparently, behind Tim’s manicured side hides a manlier side that has yet to be shown on TV. But will it be enough for Jeniffer?

90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm Proves He’s Not A ‘P*ssy’ In Real Life

Looks like Tim Malcolm has found the perfect comeback to those hating on his metro-sexual style. The 90 Day Fiance celeb seemingly proves he’s not a “p*ssy” — something Jeniffer Tarazona claimed him to be. In a recent Instagram post, Tim shows off his firearm skills.

Tim Malcolm shared a short video of himself dominating the shooting range. The 38-year-old from North Carolina proudly showcased his impressive shooting skills, making him look like “a real badass” according to one fan. Jeniffer’s boyfriend appeared very comfortable with the gun as he fired at his targets in the distance.


Tim Impresses Fans With Firearm Skills

Tim Malcolm’s passion for firearms definitely revealed itself on several photos and videos of himself on Instagram. The 90 Day Fiance star is not one to shy away from flaunting his shooting skills and accuracy. In the IG post, Jeniffer Tarazona’s boyfriend fired a .45 ACP Banshee, accurately hitting most of his targets at a shooting range. Although the gun looks like an assault rifle, the length of the barrel and grip classify it as a pistol. The suppressor at the end makes the barrel appear longer and is probably why Tim isn’t wearing hearing protection.

Tim learned to shoot when he was nine years old. His interest in firearms eventually prompted him to start his own gun business. Tim owns Malcolm’s Firearms and Gringo Guns. He also customizes (by engraving and plating) firearms into investment grade works of art. His artistic customizations can cost up to $15,000.00 for a gun that will never be fired.

90 Day Fiance: Tim Refutes Gay Rumors

Despite Tim Malcolm’s enthusiasm for guns, it still doesn’t stop trolls from accusing him of being gay. The 90 Day Fiance star has been labeled as such because of the way he’s portrayed on the show. It also doesn’t help that Tim seemed to hold off getting intimate with Jeniffer Tarazona — at least on previous episodes.

However, Tim maintained that he’s definitely not gay. He reiterated that people only see at least fifteen minutes of a week on TV. He also pointed out that he’s simply not in a hurry to have sex and he’s just being a “respectful man”.


Jeniffer On Being Intimate With Tim

Meanwhile, Jeniffer Tarazona recently defended herself from the show’s misleading portrayal. The 90 Day Fiance babe did not hold back in expressing her dismay, particularly on the series’ poor editing. Jeniffer called out the show for making her look desperate to sleep with Tim Malcolm.

In an Instagram post, Jeniffer bluntly labeled TLC as “cut and paste kings”. She claimed that the show has put her in a bad light, making her look thirsty for some action in bed. Viewers have watched as Jeniffer appeared to be the one making advances on Tim. This made the situation even more awkward.

However, Jeniffer maintained that it wasn’t her personality at all. She blamed the show’s deceiving edits for making herself look desperate for sex. So far, Tim has yet to comment on Jeniffer’s latest remark.

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