’90 Day Fiance’: Tim Malcolm Opens Up About Fan Hate and Not Being Controlled by His Man Parts

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days cast member Tim Malcolm has been at the center of a lot of controversy this season on the TLC show. The custom gun businessman spilled tea in a recent interview. He answered a lot of burning questions that have followed him all season long. With the Before the 90 Days Tell-All fast approaching, what did Tim reveal?

90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm Addresses Fan Hate

Tim Malcolm has been through the wringer this season thanks to his antics in front of TLC cameras. He is a popular target online and 90 Day Fiance watchers let him have it. He said he was not prepared for how “passionate” fans are. And, he said being in the limelight overnight was a “big adjustment”. Interestingly, he said he gets “frustrated” with how viewers interpret things. And, he railed a bit against TLC editing and how things are put together.

Like many 90 Day Fiance cast members, Tim Malcolm reiterated that things are not always as they seem. But, overall, he seems happy with the way he comes across on television. He said his main goal was to be himself. Other than a few cringe-worthy moments watching things back, he feels he did that.

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90 Day Fiance: Tim Talks About Not Getting Busy with Jeniffer Tarazona

Tim Malcolm catches a lot of flak from 90 Day Fiance followers for his lack of interest in sex. Especially when he has a beauty like Jeniffer Tarazona beside him. All season long there have been questions relating to his manhood and whether or not he is gay. Tim addressed these rumors before but it’s impossible to escape when talking about him on Before the 90 Days.

90 Day Fiance alum Tim Malcolm revealed it’s an “invigorating day” when you wake up as a man and aren’t “controlled by your penis”. In addition, he said he “wants to be in love”. And, that sex wasn’t part of his “agenda”. Tim Malcolm not having sex has become its own meme. But, he seems to be taking things in stride. He said there’s a societal double-standard when it comes to a man saying no. And, he seems happy with the choices he made.

Despite all the hate he gets, Tim Malcolm said he would rather people talk about the show than not talk at all. That seems to be his overall stance when it comes to the backlash he has received. Tim added that he did his best and he’s confident with that.

Are Tim and Jeniffer Still Together?

One of the biggest questions 90 Day Fiance followers have when it comes to this couple is whether or not the pair are still together. Tim skated past those questions in the interview and remained mum. He said fans would have to “stay tuned” to find out more.

He said he is never getting back together with ex Veronica. And, he added he made mistakes with Jeniffer – like giving her his ex’s ring. Overall, Tim Malcolm stuck to his guns and said viewers will have to “watch and see” to find out what happens.

Stay tuned for the season finale of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, Sunday night on TLC.

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