’90 Day Fiance’: Tim Malcolm Gets Time with His Bad Breath Baby

90 Day Fiance star Tim Malcolm got to spend time with his dog. Fans have been asking about his fur baby. So, Tim gave them what they’ve been asking for. But, he wasn’t happy to find out that his dog’s breath didn’t smell minty fresh.

90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm Hangs Out with His Dog

Fans first met Tim Malcolm on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days as he flew to Colombia to meet his foreign lover, Jeniffer Tarazona. The TLC pair had a connection while living in different countries. But, once Tim and Jeniffer met in person, that all changed. Jeniffer didn’t like the lack of intimacy she was getting from him. She also didn’t like that he wasn’t adventurous. The breaking point between the two happened when Jeniffer found out Tim proposed to her with a ring he gave his ex, Veronica Rodriguez.

Tim Malcolm from 90 Day Fiance may not have a future with Jeniffer Tarazona, but he is happy with the family that he does have. And that includes his dog.  Tim is a proud owner of a husky. Recently, he has been getting many questions from fans asking him where his fur baby is. Fans finally got an answer. The TLC star said that his husky was spending time with his “daddy” for the day.

90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm

Tim Says the Dog has Bad Breath

Tim Malcolm and his dog hung out by sitting on the couch together. However, it seems like his fur child would rather be sleeping. The 90 Day Fiance cast member was confused as to why his dog kept yawning. Tim said that his husky shouldn’t be so sleepy since he’s been sleeping all day. But, it looks like his dog’s energy level isn’t the only thing he complains about.

The 90 Day Fiance reality star also exposed his dog for having bad breath. Tim Malcolm said that he didn’t like the smell of his dog’s breath. He then tried to explain the smell in Spanish. According to Tim, it was “muy malo,” which means “very bad” in Spanish. Instead of spending time on the couch, he should be brushing his husky’s teeth and helping him fix the stinky situation.

90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm - Chloe Sanchez

90 Day Fiance Celeb Celebrates Daughter’s Birthday

Before having doggie-daddy time, Tim Malcolm spent time with his other child, Chloe Sanchez. He and his ex-lover, Veronica Rodriguez, are raising a daughter together. Their daughter recently celebrated a milestone. Tim and Veronica are now parents to a 14-year-old young lady. To commemorate the special day, they decorated with balloons and ate a birthday cake together.

The 90 Day Fiance castmate was shocked at how fast his daughter is growing up. Tim Malcolm said that Chloe is no longer his “little baby girl.” Now she is a “young woman,” and he is proud of the person that she is becoming. It is no secret that Tim has a lot of love for his daughter. And, now fans know that he loves his dog just as much. But not when his breath smells bad.

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