’90 Day Fiance’: Syngin Opens up about Mining Work – Fans Think Tania Was Insensitive

90 Day Fiance star Syngin Colchester opened up about his past job in the South African mines during a fight with Tania Maduro. Tania’s first day back in America was spent arguing with Syngin over getting a job.

Syngin is not against working, he doesn’t want to work for someone else. But, he knows he has to. He said he will probably work as a bartender while he trains for what he wants to do as a career.

Since Syngin can’t work right now without a permit, there was little point in getting angry with him about his job prospects.

Syngin had some horrible experiences in South African mines and Tania seemed to disregard his feelings since it was in the past. Fans thought that Tania was being insensitive towards Syngin’s feelings.

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90 Day Fiance: Syngin Colchester Talks about Mining Job

Fans saw on the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance as Syngin Colchester and Tania Maduro fought about getting a job. Syngin opened up about his time while working in mining in South Africa.

Syngin worked as a miner for almost seven years in South Africa. His father is a manager at local mines, so it was a logical career path for his son Syngin Colchester.

During that time he witnessed friends and co-workers lose their life. To him, the job was not worth risking his life for the low pay.

The 90 Day Fiance South Africa native spoke about not wanting to work “in the system.” For Syngin, he feels like he is only helping someone else get richer. However, Tania Maduro would wish he wouldn’t compare his past experiences with future opportunities. But, Syngin feels like his past experiences shaped who he is now. He was just trying to let Tania know where his mind is at. Syngin saw coming to America as a fresh start.

Tania Maduro Worries about Future With Syngin

Tania Maduro is worried that it will take Syngin Colchester a long time to start working on his goals. Syngin isn’t allowed to do much without having a green card. But, Tania said that he could at least do things to prepare for the future. Though, he did let Tania know that he isn’t against getting a steady job.

The 90 Day Fiance cast member hoped that Syngin Colchester would’ve taken a woodworking course while she was studying in Costa Rica. However, he knew that they didn’t have the $800 needed for the course. So, he didn’t take it. This upset Tania Maduro. She told him not to worry about the money. This argument only made Tania question if her future will include someone like Syngin.

90 Day Fiance: Was the Tania Being Too Harsh?

Fans of the show found it shocking to hear Tania Maduro be so insensitive about Syngin Colchester’s time in the mines. Viewers felt like she was more worried about him making money. Then being more sensitive about his feelings. One fan wrote, “her screaming at him while he was talking about his experiences in the mines was horrible.” According to some fans, Tania “has no soul.”

Tania seems to want it both ways. She’s telling not to worry about money, while at the same time telling him to plan for the future.

On the other hand, many 90 Day Fiance viewers understood why Syngin Colchester may not have a plan for his life in America. Fans pointed out that it is even hard for Americans to figure out what they want to do for a career. A viewer said that there are “plenty of Americans his age that don’t have good jobs despite doing everything right.”

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