90 Day Fiance’: Sumit Wants Jenny Dressed Like Elderly Indian Auntie – She’s Not Happy

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Jenny Slatten is not thrilled by Sumit‘s insistence on grooming her into an Indian woman. On Monday night’s episode, a shopping trip turns into a battle for Jenny who wants to stay true to her American ways.

It appears this is a wake-up call for Jenny Slatten on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Sumit not only insists she wears traditional local garb, but he’s going to pick it out as well. Or so Sumit thinks. While Jenny shops for clothes, Sumit remains by her side.

’90 Day Fiance’: The Other Way – Jenny Slatten Dressed Up Like Indian Woman

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way a few salesmen come over to offer their help. It seems they attempt to sway Jenny Slatten into picking out a new ensemble. But this is no easy feat. Despite the clothes being for Jenny, it’s Sumit who gives the final nod only when the outfit meets his standards.

What Sumit picks out is what his new American woman calls auntie clothes. She claims the flowing long dresses that Sumit wants her to try on aren’t her style. From what she sees, she also points out what Sumit picks out is usually reserved for elderly women to wear. Then she makes it very clear to the 90 Day Fiance cameras that she’s not an auntie and she’s not changing her mode of dress.

It looked as if Jenny Slatten tried to meet her The Other Way partner half-way. She did this by picking out something that was more her style. But Sumit requests she picks out something more traditional. It looks like this brings the 90 Day Fiance couple back to square one. Once again Jenny is looking at what she believes to be, outfits for elderly women.

The Other Way: Sumit Wants Jenny to Confirm to His Culture

Jenny Slatten agrees that Saris are beautiful but they are not her style. But, either Sumit doesn’t hear this or he doesn’t want to hear it as the 90 Day Fiance cameras roll. Then Sumit appears to take over once again. Despite Jenny’s refusal, she finds herself trying on a dress over her clothes.

She has a few men helping her do this, all who work in the shop. But Sumit sits there and watches, giving tips and his approval. As she tries on that dress, it’s easy to see Jenny Slatten still isn’t ready to conform to her 90 Day Fiance‘s way of doing things. In the clothes department anyway.

After Jenny registers a few complaints about not being able to breathe, Sumit steps in with accessories. He has his 90 Day Fiance love interest drape a Sari around her. Sumit then shows her the proper way to hold that piece of the material daintily in her hand.

90 Day Fiance: Jenny Prefers to Dress American

To say Jenny Slatten is not enthused by all this attention for this dress-up session is an understatement. She tells the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way cameras just what she thinks. She’s very adamant that she’s an American woman and that she’ll continue to dress like a woman from America.

So it looks as if Jenny thinks Sumit has designs on her to dress just like the women do in India. And she’s correct in her assumption. As Sumit tells the camera how he hopes Jenny will soon morph into the culture. Especially now that she’s making India her home. “Jenny wears her heart on her sleeve put plants her foot firmly on the ground.” This is the way TLC describes this shopping scene clip.

It looks like he thinks he can help Jenny Slatten do that. Starting with getting her to dress the part. It seems the culture shock continues for the American transplant this week on 90 Day Fiance when Sumit slowly but surely takes the reins.

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