’90 Day Fiance’ Cast Member Confirms Staged Scenes & Heavy Edits

A 90 Day Fiance cast member from a prior season recently dished on how real the TLC reality show is. The network scripting scenes is a hot topic every season. And, with the flagship show and numerous spinoffs to choose from, someone from a past season weighed in sharing their experience.

90 Day Fiance: Cassia Tavares Reveals Her Experience

Fans must go back to the second season of the TLC show to recall Cassia Tavares. Back then, South American beauty Cassia met Jason Hitch online while she was dating his friend long-distance. Meanwhile, after the relationship with his buddy went south, Jason Hitch swooped in and really hit it off with her.

Eventually, she flew to Florida to be with him. And, the pair started their 90 Day Fiance journey together. Jason Hitch is a frugal army veteran that buys a lot of things from auctions and garage sales. And, he turns a profit selling what he finds. The pair started a mail-order snack business during their marriage.

But, things eventually went downhill in their relationship. Later, Cassia Tavares and Jason Hitch separated in 2017. Then, the 90 Day Fiance couple filed for divorce in 2018 following a domestic violence incident. Then, the pair divorced officially in October 2018. Now, Cassia’s sharing her experience with filming.

90 Day Fiance: Cassia Tavares - Jason Hitch

Cassia Dishes on Scripted Reality with Jason Hitch

The Brazilian 90 Day Fiance celeb came out of the woodwork recently and weighed in on a popular topic among TLC watchers – staged scenes and scriping “reality” TV. The topic comes up every season. Fans question whether or not TLC/Sharp stages scenes to boost drama.

Per Cassia Tavares, the couples on 90 Day Fiance are “real” but other aspects are not. Then, she went on to say that the couples are the only thing about the show that are “100% real”. Cassia said the show isn’t technically scripted. But, she shared a caveat.

Even though the 90 Day Fiance may not follow a script, Cassia added that the network does “produce” the show. And, that includes creating scenarios to maximize drama between the couples on their program.

Smart Editing and More from 90 Day Fiance Producers

Clever editing is another tool that reality producers use to squeeze drama out of situations. And, Cassia used an example from her time filming with Jason Hitch. At one point, Cassia told Jason in scenes that she wasn’t going to meet him at the airport. However, she explains the truth of that scenario.

According to Cassia, she told Jason she wouldn’t be at the airport if there were TLC cameras there. While the airport scene wasn’t scripted, Cassia Tavares said it was “edited very well” to fit a particular narrative. Then, Cassia Tavares gave an example of something she said was 100% fake.

That was the 90 Day Fiance scene with their pregnancy test. She posted online she wasn’t feeling well and a fan asked if she was pregnant. Then producers had her take a pregnancy test on-camera even though Cassia and everyone else involved knew she wasn’t pregnant.

Meanwhile, like many other TLC stars, Cassia Tavares blames clever editing makes her look like someone she isn’t. She added that she’s moved on with her life since her reality debut years ago. But, her revelations seem to confirm fan suspicions of staged scenes and scripting what’s touted as reality TV.

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