’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Stephanie Keeping Big Secret from Ryan Carr

90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal that Stephanie Davison has been keeping a big secret from her foreign fiance, Ryan Carr. The TLC newcomers are among the four new couples sharing their love story with viewers. But, it seems like there might be trouble in paradise for the pair. Could Stephanie’s secret end her relationship with Ryan?

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Stephanie Davison Meets Ryan Carr on Vacation

The main show that started the 90 Day Fiance franchise is returning for season eight. This season welcomes newcomers Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr. Stephanie is a 52-year-old living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is also a business owner and runs two spas. However, Stephanie has dedicated most of her life to running her businesses and left no time for a dating life. But, she finally felt ready to settle down with someone.

New 90 Day Fiance spoilers explain that Stephanie Davison’s beach trip to Belize changed everything for her.  During that vacation, she met her 27-year-old future husband, Ryan Carr. Now, the couple will prepare as they embark on their 90-day journey. Having three months to plan a wedding isn’t a lot of time. A lot can happen that could change their relationship and decision to tie the knot.

90 Day Fiance: Stephanie - Ryan

Stephanie Becoming Ryan’s Sugar Mama?

Stephanie Davison is 25 years older than Ryan, but that doesn’t seem to bother her. The 90 Day Fiance cast member says that people call her a cougar. But, she embraces that title. However, she fears that she has started to turn into a sugar mama instead. Stephanie supports Ryan Carr’s family by paying for their expenses and rent. She also spoils them by buying them presents. She starts to worry that Ryan may only be with her for the money and a green card.

90 Day Fiance spoilers for the upcoming season show Stephanie on the phone video chatting with Ryan. It seems like she is getting ready to buy him more stuff. Stephanie Davison asks him how many watches he wants her to get. Ryan tells her, “maybe two more” of the ones she previously bought him. He also tells her to get more for his friends. Could Ryan Carr only be with Stephanie for the gifts and money?

90 Day Fiance: Stephanie

90 Day Fiance Celeb Hiding Secret

Being in a long-distance relationship isn’t always easy. It is hard to fully get to know someone when living apart in two different countries. And that seems to be the case between Stephanie Davison and her other half, Ryan Carr. Stephanie hasn’t been honest with Ryan. It looks like she has been keeping a major secret from him that could ruin their relationship. She doesn’t know how he will react to what she has been keeping from him. But, will she come clean?

Spoilers for season eight of 90 Day Fiance indicate that Stephanie feels like her relationship with her foreign lover, Ryan is in limbo. She says that she has a skeleton in her closet and has been hiding something from Ryan Carr. The information she is keeping from him must be serious. Stephanie Davison says that she isn’t sure if their relationship can survive when he finds out the truth.

The new season starts airing on December 6 on TLC.

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