’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Chantel and Pedro Blow-Up as He Demands Answers – ‘Happily Ever After’

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After stars Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno get testy with each other as Sunday night’s new episode rolls out. Chantel made a trip to the Dominican Republic despite her husband telling her not to. Now that she is there Pedro is furious. That’s because she’s interfering with his family time. She is raging due to Pedro putting emphasis on his mother and sister. Instead, Chantel thinks he should worry about their marriage problems on tonight’s 90 Day Fiance.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Pedro Jimeno Wants to Know Why Chantel Everett is in the DR

Chantel Everett is not shy about her disdain for Pedro’s family. She’s said this in a few different ways on Happily Ever After so far. Chantel told her husband she came to the Dominican Republic to help him work through his problems. Pedro Jimeno suggests that his problem is with her. This 90 Day Fiance wife doesn’t get along with his family. So this leaves Pedro asking how she is going to make this visit any better.

One of the problems is her sister-in-law, Nicole Jimeno Morel. Pedro wants Chantel to meet up with his sister and try and come to some understanding. In the video, Chantel fights him tooth and nail. Despite him not wanting her there, Chantel claims she belongs there with him.

Pedro Jimeno doesn’t see it that way and wants time with his mother and his sister, but Chantel Everett detests both women. Now she’s there he thinks it’s taking away from what he set out to do in the first place – have some time with his family. Pedro explains to Chantel that now that she came to the DR, he’s stuck in the middle. Next, the 90 Day Fiance cameras follow their lack of progress on coming to an agreement. But it looks as though something may change.

Happily Ever After: ‘What the Hell Are You Doing Here’

Pedro Jimeno also explains to his wife that if she’s there trying to fix a problem for him, she needs to fix the problem with his sister and his mother first. This 90 Day Fiance husband needs them to all get along to live Happily Ever After, as the title of the show suggests. This is when Chantel Everett lowers the boom and tells her husband that their relationship as husband and wife is more important. She’s serious when she says it’s much more important than fixing a relationship with his sister and his mother.

Pedro Jimeno wants Chantel Everett to meet with his sister but Chantel lets him know that this would only cause more problems. So next he asks, “what the hell are you doing here?”

As this argument heats up on 90 Day Fiance, Pedro Jimeno tells his wife she can do anything she wants to while in the DR. She can go back to the hotel, get a ticket to go back home, or just about anything she feels like doing. He then tells her that he came here to visit his family and it sounds like he won’t let her stop him.

90 Day Fiance: Vicious Circle

Chantel Everett finally says “I hear you” but Pedro Jimeno snaps back “no you don’t hear me”. These two are stuck in a vicious circle of arguments on Sunday night’s Happily Ever After episode. With Pedro wanting to spend family time, he now feels he can’t because Chantel showed up.

Furthermore, he wants Chantel to apologize to his sister for a fight, one seen previously 90 Days Fiance. But Chantel Everett is adamant against doing that. Especially since she doesn’t like his sister. So, who is going to give in?

It seems Chantel does finally oblige to Pedro’s request because Nicole joins them for dinner on tonight’s show. It results in tears for Chantel Everett and possibly Nicole finally hearing that it takes two to tango. She lets Nicole know that she doesn’t understand what she goes through with her brother. Does the tide turn a bit on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After tonight? Tune into TLC at 8 pm for the latest Sunday night episode.

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