’90 Day Fiance’ Source: Deavan & Daughter Made Filming ‘Difficult’ – Production Gets Revenge?

90 Day Fiance fans saw Deavan Clegg‘s daughter, Drascilla Clegg, run towards traffic in Korea. But there’s more to why that clip aired. A source told us airing the scene was to show some of the bad behavior they tolerated while filming. And they wanted the world to know what they dealt with during taping her segments of the TLC show. So, here we go.

90 Day Fiance Production Source Says Working With Deavan Clegg “Very Difficult”

Our source close to production opened up to us about the difficulties taping Deavan Clegg for The Other Way. They said Drascilla’s behavior seen on the show was just the tip of the iceberg. Reportedly, Deavan was unbothered despite production claims that she was “extremely hard to handle.”

Our source said they dealt with “constant interruptions” filming scenes of Deavan with the children. And this stressed out the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way crew. They’d traveled great distances to be onsite. Plus, they had long workdays, they said, made worse by these issues.

The production source for 90 Day Fiance said it took “excessive hours” to get required shots. And they said crew complaints were constant. The source also said that’s why they decided to air the clip of Drascilla Clegg running wild into the street on The Other Way.

Our TLC/Sharp source also wanted to emphasize that their frustration was with Deavan since she’s ultimately responsible for her child.

90 Day Fiance: Deavan Clegg


Runaway Drascilla Scene – Source Says Was Production Payback

Our 90 Day Fiance insider said many people filming Deavan were frustrated with not just because of her lack of control over her child, but her not even trying to control her daughter. So, they reportedly decided to include the scene of Drascilla running off to “show a bit of their true reality” working with them.

The insider from 90 Day Fiance said the crew numbers about a dozen. And shooting is very time-consuming even under the best of circumstances. But our source alleges that Deavan Clegg not controlling her daughter sent production into a tailspin.

The insider said it was so bad that Sharp Entertainment (the production company) stepped in. Then, they sent a head-producer to intervene. Reportedly, the field producer couldn’t handle the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way shoot with Deavan and her family under such stressful conditions.

90 Day Fiance: Jihoon Lee - Deavan Clegg


90 Day Fiance Behind the Scenes – Behavior “Uncontrolled”

The source said that even the head producer found shooting with Deavan a challenge. They called it “very difficult”. Also, they said it wasn’t just Deavan Clegg’s little girl’s behavior that was “uncontrolled”. The insider said Deavan herself was an issue calling her antics “ridiculous”.

Our 90 Day Fiance behind-the-scenes source said Deavan aggravating them is why they aired that scene. They said the controversial moment showed just a little of what they dealt with while filming them. Viewers heard Deavan Clegg blame Jihoon Lee for her daughter running into the street. No doubt most parents would agree, they’re responsible for their child’s actions.

This info comes from the same inside source that leaked that the duo split, which Deavan Clegg initially denied. Now, everyone knows it was true – and we were first to report it back in May. Plus, she’s also likely done with TLC, since her new boyfriend is American. But from our source says, production will not miss filming Deavan Clegg…

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