’90 Day Fiance’: SojaBoy Says ‘I Do’ to the Green Card Then Sends Lisa Packing

90 Day Fiance viewers saw Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar tied the knot, but the family Soja looked less than thrilled. David gifted Lana with an iPhone and a proposal. The Silva twins get their nails done and dish about Darcey’s man drama. Stephanie Matto comes out to her mom over goulash. Big Ed Brown makes things right with daughter Tiffany. And Yolanda Leaks is still playing, “where is Williams.” Grab your leather trench and say “mmm” as we dive into season 4 episode 15 The Never Ending Story.

SojaBoy & Lisa Kiss and Make Up on 90 Day Fiance

Lisa Hamme grunts in the hotel room after starting a fight with Usman Umar. That was the night before their Nigerian wedding. So, Usman tells his brothers he’s got make amends so he can make it to America. He tells Lisa she embarrassed him and that she needs to cool her anger. So, Lisa Hamme blames it on stress and heat. And, Lisa clarifies she’s not marrying him because he’s local talent. Nope, she says it’s luuuurve. Then, Usman Umar says he’s never denied her love (or his chance for a green card).

In the morning, Lisa growls at Usman to get up on 90 Day Fiance. Usman tells producers that even though Lisa embarrassed him in front of his elders, he will marry her. Usman Umar knows that’s the only way to get to America with Baby Girl Visa. So, Lisa Hamme slips into her bridal gown, which looks like a polka-dotted satin pillowcase. Usman Umar suggests she put on a bra. But Lisa says she’ll just hike the girls back up when they start to sag. Ah, romance.

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days - Usman Umar - Lisa Hamme

Lisa And Usman Say I Do

On Before the 90 Days, the couple heads to the marriage registry with family and friends gathered. Usman Umar’s family looks like it could be a funeral instead of a wedding as Lisa chokes out her vows. Usman’s mommy looks pained, but then it’s a done deal. Then, Lisa Hamme changes into her second look of the night – her dinner dress. The couple heads to the reception at the Coco Cafe.

Missing from the 90 Day Fiance celebration are Mother Usman and brother Mohammed. Lisa Hamme says his mom felt ill. No coincidence that she just watched her son marry an old white woman who can’t cough up the required grandkids. Next, Usman Umar boogies with friends while Lisa Hamme looks on. It’s Hausa rules: no ladies dancing. Usman sings a few bars of his famous song for Lisa. His friends say they wish him well even though Lisa is old and fat.

In the wee hours, Lisa packs for the airport. She throws a claw clip on her head and fusses on the way to the airport. Usman Umar pretends he will miss her while she wonders if he’ll be faithful in her absence. He’d better be – Lisa didn’t wash her foot in a toilet for nothing. Lisa heads for her plane and mumbles about the K-1. We all know how this ended up with Lisa Hamme accusing auto-tuned Usman Umar of a 90 Day Fiance marriage scam. Duhhhh.

David’s Delusion Continues In Ukraine

Before The 90 Days fans know all about awkward language and cultural barriers. But David Murphey seems more clueless than most 90 Day Fiance cast members. He admits he’s been in Ukraine for eight days – and Lana only showed up on two of those days. Plus, she still hasn’t come to his hotel. But, she has agreed to meet him tonight. So he douses his helmet hair with Aqua Net, grabs his leather trench, and heads out.

Over coffee, David directs questions to the translator app. Will Lane get off the pay site and talk by phone? David hands over a fully loaded phone as a gift to her. With video chat, translator, and stalker tracking device all set up. Lana tells producers she feels a romantic connection with David. She agrees to get off the site – but she’s not going anywhere near David’s hotel room.

Lana Says Yes to World’s Most Awkward Airport Proposal

David gets an email from the private investigator he fired earlier on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days. It shows multiple sites that Lana is on in different cities. He sends a selfie of him and Lana and declares the case closed. But is it really? On his last day in Ukraine, Lana is busy “babysitting” while David walks the streets in an Elmer Fudd hat. But he’s excited that she agreed to “send him off”. At first, he got a little too excited. Then, he realized she meant she’d seem him at the airport.

At Ukraine International, David paws all over Lana while doing his signature mating call of “mmmmm.” Lana remains rigid and tolerates his kisses. 90 Day Fiance’s David leaves Lana in her high top counterfeit Keds hoping for him to please go home. Then she won’t have to invent any more hockey games or fake nephews to babysit.

But David doubles back, drops to one knee, and whips out a cubic zirconia. He asks, “Lana, will you marry me?”. Lana half laughs and says yes. Maybe she thinks the ring is real and hopes to pawn it for more makeup. David’s overjoyed and says he’s got his girl now. Lana says she’s glad that she can move to Las Vegas on 90 Day Fiance. Mmmmm seems unlikely.

The Silva Twins Bond Over Glitter Manis on Before The 90 Days

In a random clip, the Silva sisters showed up to torment fans with their nonsense. 90 Day Fiance diva Darcey needs to “juj” up which means spraying her extensions with shellac. The diminutive Darc hops up on luggage to check herself out in the mirror and we get an unfortunate shot of the back of her too-tight outfit. Meanwhile, Stacey waits annoyed and they finally roll out in her white Mazda in search of manicures and attention.

Darcey says she’s just trying to love herself these days. She then claims Tom’s been reaching out to her via a friend and his mother. Sure girl, sure. Then, Stacey tells her to “know her worth”. The gals settle in for their manicures. Stacey wants full-on bling. Like wedding nails. Darcey is a little crushed knowing that her sister’s got her own 90 Day Fiance and might get another season and a ring on it. Wait and see.

Big Ed Brown Makes Nice With Daughter Tiffany

On Before The 90 Days, Big Ed Brown’s back in San Diego and ready to patch things up with daughter Tiffany. It seems 29-year-old Tiffany tried to tell her Dad that pursuing young Rose was a mistake. Ed arrives with flowers and the two have a heart to heart by the water. Tiffany cries and tells her dad how much it hurt when he had no regard for her feelings. 90 Day Fiance dumpee Ed apologizes and says she will always be the real love of his life. Ew.

Tiffany appreciates her mayo tressed dad’s apology. And Ed tells her he’s only human. And then corrects it to he’s a human funny dumb*ss. Well something like that. The two hug it out and all is well for now. Ed admits he has no regrets at going to find Rose and insulting her until she dumped him on 90 Day Fiance. We see a montage of Ed and Rose pics. And Ed said all he wanted was love. And minty-fresh haliks. But it’s all over now.

Stephanie Comes Out Over Goulash on 90 Day Fiance

Things didn’t work out for Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens on the romantic front. Or really on any front. Steph is back in Yonkers with her doggos. But she’s weighed down with guilt about not being honest with her mom Magda about her true intentions. So, on 90 Day Fiance, Steph she heads to her moms for dinner to come clean about what went on down under. Which was really nothing.

Steph’s mom cooks up her daughter’s favorite goulash. Steph is acting strange and her mom picks up on it. Steph admits to her mom and brother that things with Erika turned romantic turn after they met online. But in person, it fizzled faster than Big Ed in the Filipino heat. Magda says she is a little sad as she always pictured Stephanie would find a prince charming and have a traditional wedding. But in the end, all she wants is her daughter’s happiness. Aww it was a sweet but boring wrap-up on 90 Day Fiance.

Yolanda Still Believes In The Williams

Yolanda Leaks is still in touch with mystery man Williams on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days. Her daughter Karra’s exhausted from trying to convince her mom that this is one big scam. But trying to convince Yolanda is like telling your kid there’s no Santa. Yolanda BELIEVES. So, Karra plays hardball to “shut it down”. She hires a PI to dig up the dirt on Williams. But first, they video chat so he can get info to investigate.

He asks her some questions and rolls his eyes with the rest of us when Yolanda says they never video chatted due to a broken camera. She says she never confronted Williams about the threatening email. Karra tells him that Williams doesn’t know anything about his hometown of Manchester. Insert another eye roll. The PI will get on the case but tells her it’s most likely a catfish situation.

Watch for an explosive Tell All Sunday night at 8 where Usman Umar fights with Lisa Hamme, who now says he’s a marriage scammer. We’re all waiting to see if TLC edits out the reveal that BGL called SojaBoy the N-word. Mmmmm.

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