’90 Day Fiance’: Russ Mayfield Claps Back at Critics – Defends Parenting Choices

90 Day Fiance couple Russ Mayfield and Paola Mayfield are often targets among 90 Day Fiance followers. Particularly when it comes to their parenting choices with baby Axel. Russ recently fired back at their critics online. What did he have to say?

90 Day Fiance: Russ Mayfield Claps Back at Critics

Russ Mayfield addressed his son’s safety while traveling in the car. He called out the “mom shamers” in particular due to comments they have made about Paola. And, he added that he buckled his son in while in the car. He went on to say Axel is his “number one” priority. And, he railed against 90 Day Fiance watchers that don’t know the situation and only want to find fault. This comes with the territory as a TLC cast member. But, Russ Mayfield wasn’t having it.

Russ and Paola Mayfield recently celebrated Thanksgiving with his parents. And, he seems to still be in a bit of a festive mood. In the middle of defending his parenting against his haters, he encouraged his followers to be thankful for what they have. And, Russ thanked those who choose to be good neighbors. He finished off his post firing back once again. Russ challenged his followers to come at him. But, he said he would ignore all of the chatter.

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90 Day Fiance: Paola Mayfield and Spouse Russ Targeted Online

Paola Mayfield and husband Russ Mayfield are often easy targets online when it comes to things like their parenting. Paola doesn’t feed her son Axel any meat products and Pao recently shaved her son’s head. And, that sent many 90 Day Fiance fans into an uproar. This time, Russ Mayfield chimed in and clapped back at their critics online.

Paola Mayfield is often criticized by 90 Day Fiance fans for things like her style choices. Paola sometimes wears very little clothing in her online video selfies, which some find that inappropriate. Fans especially speak out when baby Axel in the pictures.

Meanwhile, Russ’s wife, Paola Mayfield, was recently called out for posting a sexy dance video. She has been working hard in the gym since having son Axel. And, Paola showed off her moves and her figure in a recent post. But, it generated a lot of backlash among 90 Day Fiance watchers.

More from the Pair on Pillow Talk

Whether you love or hate Russ and Paola, Pao’s antics generate a lot of discussion and engagement among 90 Day Fiance followers. So, it’s no surprise viewers will see more of this couple on future episodes of Pillow Talk. Paola Mayfield often speaks her mind. And, that’s something TLC clearly wants to have on future installments of Pillow Talk. But, as with most things involving this pair, the casting news was met with some resistance among watchers.

Interestingly, Russ Mayfield appears to be the more soft-spoken of the two. He rarely raises his voice or gets worked up in front of the cameras. But, based on his recent clap back, it’s clear he speaks up when he feels he needs to – especially when it comes to his family.

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