’90 Day Fiance’: Rose Unglued – Ed Scrambles – Darcey Wigs Out on ‘Tell All’

The 90 Day Fiance promised drama and delivered Rose Marie Vega screaming, Ed Brown backtracking, and Darcey Silva wigged out. Filmed from the comfort of everyone’s homes, it was the usual tantrums and tears. Rose Marie called out Big Ed for being a liar and a creep. Erika Owens tried to defend herself from Stephanie Matto’s angry friends. Lisa Hamme butted into everyone’s business and Tom Brooks blacked out on Darcey Silva and ugly accusations. Let’s take a look at the chaos of the Tell All.

Avery and Ash Split – See Why on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Tell All

With the cast in quarantine, the Tell All looked like a Zoom meeting with trusty host Shaun Robinson as the boss. Avery Warner and Ash Naeck were first up to discuss why they broke up. Avery says her “feelings were fading”. Plus, Ash’s ties in Australia with his young son and ex-wife Sian were an issue. Avery asked for a break once she got back to the states and Ash said she ghosted him for two weeks. Avery deadpans and says he’s a liar.

Ash says he still loves her – then 90 Day Fiance’s Shaun asks about his lies. Insanely, Avery says it was a diet. That doesn’t sit well with Baby Girl Lisa, who tells her she’s petty. Ash defends his morning routine of lemon and ginger. Whereas Avery prefers Lulcy Charms with a side of special green clovers. It sounds like a random and shady reason to split.

Rose Marie Vega Rages At Ed Brown – Says He Wanted a Dirty Video

Rose Marie Vega came locked and loaded with a translator to the Before The 90 Days Tell All. But Ed Brown had receipts to defend himself. Rose scowled and rage in her native tongue at the mere sight of Ed. It explodes when Ed says Rose reached out to him on Valentine’s Day, looking for a gift. But Rose said Ed started the chat. Then we get more of Rose Marie Vega vs Ed Brown because she rebounded with some lady loving.

90 Day Fiance’s Big Little Ed says he would have gotten back with her. Then, TLC adds his daughter Tiffany to the virtaul chaos. Tiffany asks Rose Marie if she really loved her father. Rose gets snippy and says yes. Then TLC airs a montage of Ed Brown’s rudest moments with Rose Marie from STD tests, to bad breath, and hairy legs. Darcey Silva, in a wig she stole from Donatella Versace, jumps in to ream Ed and praise Rose.

Next, Rose cries and rants while the translator explains the bomb Rose jus dropped on 90 Day Fiance. She says Ed wanted her to undress on the video chat. She even said he offered money for a peep. Of course, Ed Brown denied it. But let’s be real – most of these couples were probably doing nudie vids before they bought plane tickets. So, their segment ends with Rose Marie crying and saying she’s done with Ed Brown.

90 Day Fiance Catfishes Fans with Yolanda, Wee-Yums and She Had a Coma BTWs

Let’s cut this part of the Tell All short. The one interesting (but odd) thing from Yolanda Leaks is that she says she spent December in a coma and on a ventilator. She wonders if it was COVID-19. Perhaps, it was some bad catfish she got.

The bottom line on this Yolanda-Williams story is the chatter seems true that she was on the show to promote her diet book. There’s no doubt this was all faked. 90 Day Fiance wasted our time. We won’t waste yours by recapping the nonsense. Yolanda looks great – congrats on losing the weight. The rest is ridick. Her kids need to take away her internet access.

And baby goat chiming in about Yahoo boys is equally insane since she’s not admitted she got scammed. So… yeah.

She Said-She Said with Erika and Steph

It’s time for Erika Owens and Stephanie Matto on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days. Steph brought backup with two friends to beat up on poor glittery Erika. We see a montage of their time down under which involved lots of Steph whining and criticizing Erika’s life and breaking a bowl. That was the last straw for Erika, who was tired of jealousy and rampant insecurity.

Host Shaun temporarily loses crowd control when three more Hollywood Squares dropped in, one of them red wine drunk. Steph’s friend Heather screams at Erika, pausing only to chug her wine. In the lower-left, Big Ed’s dog Teddy barks in frustration. Erika’s friend tries to chime in, but no one listens to the little redhead.

In the end, on 90 Day Fiance, Stephanie blames Erika for everything but pauses to remind us she’s sick. Steph lists off all her own worst traits but projects them onto Erika. Then, her stripper past comes up, and the claims she’s not a real bisexual. We leave feeling like Erika got screwed over (and not the way she wanted). She should count her blessings.

90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva - Before The 90 Days

Tom Brooks Snarks on 90 Day Fiance

Tom Brooks spent most of the Tell All making snide remarks and fat-shaming Ed Brown over not seeing his feet in years. The dorky Brit says he hasn’t spoken to Dah-cee since they met in New York. He tells her she’s looking good and wishes her well. They bring in Stacey Silva and Raina, a wine-guzzling friend of the twins.

Darcey Silva pets her horse-mane wig and whines about no birthday call from her 90 Day Fiance. But let’s get real – we know Darcey convinced Tom to come back so she could get more air time. Now, she’s playing victim, and he plays along, but it’s late in the night for him. Tom says Darcey sometimes needs more than he can give. Only sometimes???

Darcey Silva blubbers, “he said he was gonna call,” while Stacey shakes her head. Then, 90 Day Fiance airs Tom’s weight quip again, and Darcey jumps up, patting her stomach, saying “revenge body baby”. Then we get the cliffhanger moment. It turns out dope fiend Avery has some tea to spill on Tom. But it’s too much for him, and he blanks his screen.

What’s sad about this Tell All is they edited out the best stuff from the leaked raw footage. But, there’s more to come. For now, think about giving Ed Brown a halik, shaving Rose Vega’s legs, and trying on Darcey Silva’s wig.

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