’90 Day Fiance’: Rose Marie & Prince Get Amazing Dental Makeovers

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Rose Marie Vega and her son Prince recently went in for dental makeovers. Big Ed Brown’s ex dealt with a lot of negative comments about her son after their visit on the TLC show. And, it looks like she took her son in for a follow-up – and also got some work done herself.

90 Day Fiance: Rose Marie Vega Fixing Son’s Teeth

Before the 90 Days cast member Rose Marie Vega shared a pic with her son at a dentist’s office in the Philippines. And, due to the current pandemic, everyone in the photo (below) wears a mask. This isn’t the first time Rose Marie took her son to the dentist. Now, it looks like a follow-up from a previous visit.

Prince’s teeth looked on the show liked they needed some attention. And, Rose Marie got a lot of grief from 90 Day Fiance fans because of it. However, it was clear from her scenes on the TLC show that she didn’t have spare money to get his teeth fixed.

However, some critics blamed Rose Marie for the state of her son’s teeth saying she wasn’t taking proper care of him. Those comments seemed unfair and now, the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days single mom has some extra money, thanks to new opportunities, and immediately took Prince for some dental work.

90 Day Fiance: Rose Marie Vega - Prince - Before the 90 Days

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ Rose Marie Dealt with Trolls

The Before the 90 Days fandom can be cruel and many left mean comments after the previous dentist update from Rose Marie Vega about her son. And, there was a lot of backlash and mud-slinging from viewers. Still, it doesn’t stop Rose from doing her own thing and taking care of her son as she sees fit.

In the prior 90 Day Fiance update, Rose Marie Vega said it was Prince’s first-ever trip to the dentist. So, it was a big deal for her son. Now, with this follow-up visit under his belt, it could be Prince has an all-new smile hidden under his mask – and his mom might have a gleaming grin now too.

Rose Marie remains in the spotlight since her time on Before the 90 Days. But, despite the haters, a lot of 90 Day Fiance viewers are happy she’s in a better place financially. That means she can afford to take herself and her son to see a dentist.

Rose Marie Vega added in her latest 90 Day Fiance update that she and her son can smile “confidently” thanks to those that worked on their teeth. So, it looks like both mother and son had a good experience. You can’t see their smiles because of masks. But, we’re sure they’ll show their new smiles soon.

90 Day Fiance: Rose Marie Vega - Prince

What’s Next for TLC Celeb?

Rose Marie Vega gained a lot of fans since her time on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days with Ed Brown. After how badly things ended for the pair, a lot of viewers sympathize with Rose Marie. And, they continue to follow her journey since her split on national television.

Rose Marie Vega recently showed off a drastically different look. Now, she looks like another person entirely compared to when she filmed with Ed Brown. The 90 Day Fiance celeb recently rocked pink hair. In addition, she dolled herself up with new cosmetics, too. So, it’s clear she’s come a long way.

Rose Marie Vega used her 90 Day Fiance platform to build her brand. Meanwhile, Rose’s new glammed-up image isn’t the only thing viewers notice. She was spotted filming with a camera crew recently. And, she teased big things coming soon. So, there’s a good chance we haven’t seen the last of her. Stay tuned.

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