’90 Day Fiance’: Ricky Lies Again – Lures Canadian Girl To Be On Before the 90 Days Next Season

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days serial womanizer Ricky Reyes is at it again. A young woman reported he was trying to recruit her to appear on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance show with him. The girl in question, Jennifer Lauren, is 21, Canadian, and had no idea that Ricky Reyes was still married, was reportedly conning Ximena Parra, and that his “love” with Melissa was a staged event. This new chick exposed Ricky’s shady behavior by publishing their text messages and in a recent video interview. We’ve got all that scoop below for you.

Ricky Reyes’ Many Women on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days

When Season 2 of the TLC show began, many viewers felt sorry for portly photographer Ricky Reyes. But then the truth slowly unfurled. First, we reported that Ricky is very much married. Second, a behind-the-scenes source at TLC told Soap Dirt that he and his wife Natalia Gamova plotted to use his 90 Day Fiance appearance to help their small business. His wife later made statements denying her complicity.

90 Day Fiance: Ricky Reyes

Then there was the misalignment of information about Ricky and Melissa. It seems clear he wasn’t in a relationship with her prior to coming to Colombia. Other sources close to the production said that Melissa was one of several local actresses auditioned for the part to add drama to the show. That’s why Ricky didn’t recognize her fully or know that she had braces on his teeth. It was a set-up say the allegations.

Ricky Recruiting Young Woman for New TLC Appearance

It was the Season 2 Episode 1 premiere of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Day Fiance that set the stage for Ricky Reye’s next plot. 21-year old Jennifer Lauren from Toronto, Canada was a fan of the TLC show. She saw Ricky sitting looking lovelorn waiting for Melissa to show up to the Colombian café. Jennifer felt so sorry for him that she reached out to him on social media via direct message.

The message spawned a text and phone relationship where Ricky tried to recruit her to be on the upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance. Jennifer Lauren and Ricky Reyes were to meet face to face in Toronto. But then he postponed their plans while he ran to New York City to meet a Redditor he was also trying to romance. That blew up in his face. Jennifer was stunned to discover Ricky’s many lies so she revealed their texts to expose him.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Ricky Reyes Exposed

Although Jennifer Lauren initially felt sorry for Ricky, she lost patience once she found out what he was up to and the lies she’d been told. In addition to sharing a series of the private messages between her and him on Instagram, Jennifer did an interview with Auntie of Auntie’s Advice. You can see full the video below to hear her talking about Ricky.

In the interview, Jennifer calls Ricky “a pathological liar” and says he promised to get her onto the regular TLC 90 Day Fiance show with him. She says he told her it would still work with her since she’s Canadian, so she counts for a K-1 Visa. She also says he started telling her he loved her very quickly after they had begun texting and talking on the phone and it surprised her.

Ricky Desperate to Stay on TV?

Jennifer also said that Ricky was hoping to get some fame out of his reality show appearance and was stunned by the backlash against him. She says, “I didn’t fall for him but I did believe him” that he was falling for her. She said it disconcerted her because he was always saying “I swear on my children” when he was making plans and promises about their future together.

Ricky sent Jennifer a screenshot of his confirmed travel to see her in Toronto on September 4, 2018. She remarked the flights are expensive. He said “Expensive? Baby, it doesn’t matter since I’m purchasing”. But then the plans fell apart and he went to see another woman in New York City that he’d been talking to online but told Jennifer it was a TLC meeting “about business”.

How Many Women Has Ricky Reyes Lied To?

You can see the chains of their texts in the slideshow above and how’s trying to get with her. Ricky was asking her about travel and wrote, “If u just say Ricky / I can come Saturday… Then let me handle the rest… And we can have 24 hours of love”. He also said, “I promise that what ur signing up for is a man that gives unconditional love” and referred to their “future family”.

He wrote, “Like it’s gonna feel soooooo good to hold u… Kiss ur neck ?” to which she replied “mmmmmmm yes”. She says Ricky told her about the private Facebook group for cast members and that no one likes Rachel Bear. According to her, he also told Jennifer that he parties with production members then bragged that they rarely hang out with cast of the show but said “I was different”.

Ricky Reyes Trying to Stay on 90 Day Fiance

Jennifer asked Ricky, via text, about the TLC show asking, “are any of the same cast gonna be on the next season?”. He said, “There still trying to figure it out” then he sprang this pledging, “Let’s say we get serious… We would be on Regular 90’day fiancée”. Then she asked, “they would actually put us?”.

Ricky texted back, “1000% Im really close to the producers… I get these folks on speed dial” and she said “How’d u get close to them? Haha that’s cute”. Jennifer worried and asked, “what if they want u to do another season with another colombian”. He said “not gonna happen if ur there… swear on my kids… Imma say ‘want a new season’ she is it”.

Ricky Faces Social Media Backlash

When the truth about Ricky Reyes’ fibs began filtering out on social media, he deleted all his accounts. Jennifer said he started acting cagey and says she confronted him. She texted, “i know im a backup and ur probably doing this with multiple girls” which he denied. There’s a lot more to this story and it seems Ricky might owe TLC some answers about his shady behavior.

While he seemed sympathetic on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days first began, it all began to unravel. Ricky’s exposed lies include getting divorced (still nothing filed), other women, and deliberately hurting Ximena. And now it sounds like he was luring this young woman so he can stay on 90 Day Fiance. Where will it end?

The Season 2 finale airs tonight but come back to Soap Dirt often for all the latest 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Day spoilers.