’90 Day Fiance’ Recap: Jovi Dufren Wants to be the Wolf of Bourbon Street

90 Day Fiance Recap, Jovi Dufren is ready to show Yara Zaya a good time down in New Orleans but she just wants to sleep and hang up her clothes in that order. Rebecca Parrott is preparing for Zied Hakimi’s arrival in the states with a new video game system.

Brandon Gibbs is thrilled that Julia Trubkina has arrived but his mom quickly puts a damper on things. Mike Youngquist gives Uncle Beau the boot and surprises Natalie Mordovtseva with a special first night. And 90 Day Fiance‘s Tarik Myers has a little secret he’s been keeping from Hazel Cagalitan.

Let’s take a walk through 90 Day Fiance season 8 episode 2 Shame On You.

’90 Day Fiance’ Recap: Yes, Jovi Wants To Show Off Bourbon Street

This 90 Day Fiance recap has Jovi Dufren loves living in New Orleans. To him there isn’t anything better than stomping down Bourbon street with an ice cold beer and not a care in the world. But his fiance Yara doesn’t share his enthusiasm for open containers and lax alcohol laws. She arrived already crabby from popping a pill and enduring a super-saver flight. She just wants to sleep. And she’s not happy with Jovi’s crib either calling it small. She especially didn’t appreciate the champagne served in a plastic glass.

So, Jovi might find that his high maintenance 90 Day Fiance Yara is going to cramp his carefree style. The next day Jovi pounds a White Claw while she complains about lack of closet space. Jovi finally gets her out to Bourbon street and she’s pretty unimpressed. While Jovi raves about the beauty of day drinking without restrictions she just isn’t feeling it. And points out that Bourbon street smells of “pee and trow-ing up”.

Jovi seems a little hurt by her diss of the sights and smells of his daily playground on 90 Day Fiance. He even jabs at the Ukraine to get her back. After being flipped off by a random in the street Yara and Jovi stop to sip cocktails. He brings up that he’d like them to have a sleepover at his mom’s place the next night. This makes Ukrainian Barbie very annoyed. She doesn’t want to sleep at anybody’s house. Jovi suggests that she’s disrespectful. And she suggests she can always go back. Maybe Jovi needs a shot.

Brandon And Julia Not Happy With The House Rules on 90 Day Fiance

On 90 Day Fiance, Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina are finally about to bridge the long distance between them. But not completely if it’s up to Brandon’s mom. The giddy family of three celebrate on the way to pick up Julia at the airport. After stopping for flowers at an airport kiosk they wait. And Julia glides down the escalator and jumps Brandon’s bones. While they suck face with abandon Brandon’s mom shrieks and his dad turns fifty shades of red.

To make things more awkward for the professional bug killer, producers ask him who is more important? Julia or his mom. On 90 Day Fiance, He skates around the answer and Julia makes a joke off camera that she’s only here for the green card. At the hotel in D.C. Brandon’s mom quickly lays out a schedule for dinner that leaves no room for a quick shag for the young couple. Brandon calls him mom a c*ck block and a helicopter mom. Dude. This lady is more like Air Force 1.

Brandon’s mom doesn’t stop there on 90 Day Fiance. Julia has barely choked down a bite of her hotel restaurant salad before mama lays out the rules. And it’s basically there will be no diddie in the house in Dinwiddie thanks to separate rooms. Julia seems blindsided and Brandon’s dad uses it to say shame on him for not being honest. Next the birth control topic comes up and a confused Julia says she won’t “drink the medicine”. And tells Brandon he needs to stand up or they leave the farm.

Mike Plans a Special First Night

On 90 Day Fiance, Brandon Gibbs isn’t the only one who may be leaving the family farm. Mike Youngquist gives his uncle/cousin/farmhand/roomie Beau the boot to make room for Natalie Mordovtseva. Beau looks either sad or very hungover while Mike rips his pictures off the wall and tosses his bandanas into a hefty bag. It seems Natalie was a little worried about sharing close quarters with Uncle Beau.

Beau does leave some parting advice for Mike though since he has “had many women.” Make a commitment. Because chicks are unpredictable. Mike promises that as soon as he gets Natalie used to the isolation Beau can at least move back into the barn on 90 Day Fiance. Cue the Dwight Schrute/Mose vibes from The Office. On the other side of the world Natalie heads to the airport with her mom. Her Mom is sad but likes Mike so she’s hopeful. That makes one of them.

Our 90 Day Fiance recap reports that Natalie jumps into Mike’s arms in true 90 Day Fiance airport fashion. Mike hands her some flowers and she complains several times about their color. He gets sweaty and blotchy and misses pancake Sunday with Uncle Beau already. Mike has rented a swanky hotel suite in Seattle for their first night. She’s impressed with the room and the view but still salty over those purple flowers. She raises a toast to Mike for being the “greatest man” well except for you know, those flowers.

90 Day Fiance Recap: Three Ended Up a Crowd For Tarik and Hazel

90 Day Fiance alum Tarik Myers wears a coat of many colors. He’s a passionate guy, an excellent rapper and a lover of Thailand. We find Tarik laying down a new track in his studio. It’s something about someone bumpin’ his pistol and being a gentleman and a scholar. Certainly things that go hand in hand. Tarik admits he fell in love with the culture in Thailand and even had a couple girlfriends from there. When those fizzled he went on an Asian dating site to “broaden his selection”.

And so here we are on his second go round on 90 Day Fiance as half of the couple “Tarzel”. He even has a blingy pendant of the namesake. Not surprising since he thinks his fiance Hazel Cagalitan is an Asian Angelina Jolie. So, Brangelina happened why not Tarzel? However, he might want to leave some room in that necklace to pop in a few additional letters. It seems Hazel would like to add a female third party to Tarzel when she arrives in America.

Tarik meets up with a gal pal to get something off his chest reported in this 90 Day Fiance recap. After he came back to the states him and Hazel fought about a pregnancy test. And broke up. Tarik started talking to another woman on the web called Minty and then wanted to reconcile with Hazel. When he told Hazel about Minty she wanted to try the cool refreshment herself. So the three spent two and a half days in the Philippines to test the waters. Hazel got jealous and end of story. But not for Tarik. So he needs to come clean.

Rebecca Sets Up A PlayStation For Zied

Rebecca Parrott heads to the gym for a workout with her best friend and ex-boss Melanie. The gals don boxing gloves for a workout with a trainer. Melanie is visibly annoyed that Rebecca’s workout tank sports not one but three pictures of her Tunisian fiance Zied Hakimi. Because she’s still a private investigator she thinks Zied is running game like the last Muslim boy toy Rebecca brought to the states.

She cautions Rebecca to look out for red flags. Rebecca admits she sometimes questions her decisions. But once she’s home safe behind her ring light cuddled in her custom printed Zied blanket and hearing him say she is “soooo maaaach” beautiful her common sense flies right out the window. She’s even more nervous because Zied has his vis interview in mere days and she’s afraid something will go wrong on 90 Day Fiance.

Rebecca decides to hit up a gaming store so she can get some video games for him to play when he’s all alone while she toils at the hot chicken joint. She tells a clerk the whole story about him being just a few years older than her son and officially crosses the creepy line when she pays for the games with a personalized credit card featuring guess what? Zied’s face. The clerk pretends to be charmed but secretly wonders if Zied knows he’s being swiped all over Georgia. Till next time!

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