’90 Day Fiance’: Rebecca Faces Jail Over Back Child Support – One Week to Pay Up or Else

90 Day Fiance‘s Rebecca Parrott‘s in trouble over unpaid child support and a Cobb County judge just slapped her with a court order to pay up or go to jail. In fact, Rebecca has one week to pay $2,000 or she’ll be behind bars. This begs the question of why Rebecca’s paying for trips overseas and to sponsor Zied Hakimi’s K-1 when she owed child support. Here’s the details on the court ruling and what Rebecca owes.

90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Parrott’s Ex Filed Case in June – Back Child Support Owed for Years

According to court papers, The 90 Day Fiance cast member, Rebecca Parrott, owed her ex-husband $5,200 from child support. Back in 2014, he first took her to court and they negotiated that amount, due in 16 reasonable monthly installments of $325. However, her ex-husband alleges she didn’t pay as agreed. And the court agreed.

In fact, the court case alleges she made “sporadic” and “partial payments” totaling just $1,200. The case files also say Rebecca Parrott’s not made any payments since July 2018 and still owes $4,000. So, her ex-husband filed a contempt case against Rebecca in June of this year to try and collect what the 90 Day Fiance alum owes him.

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Rebecca Skipped Court – Filed No Response

Although the court served Rebecca Parrott from 90 Day Fiance with papers notifying her of the hearing, she didn’t file a response. And then she was MIA from the court hearing held right before Thanksgiving. When news broke, Rebecca posted a video on Instagram saying “shocker – I have a personal life and I’m not perfect”. She also said “it’s not great”.

But then Rebecca Parrott added “everything is not exactly the way that it looks”. However, she offered no specifics – and ignored the court’s discovery request. In child support cases, the court requests financial records to establish the ability to pay. However, Rebecca Parrott didn’t produce documents nor did the 90 Day Fiance star attend court as ordered.

90 Day Fiance of Zied Hakimi Could Be Jailed Before Christmas If She Doesn’t Pay

Because Rebecca Parrott didn’t show up in court, they ruled in favor of her ex. They also awarded him an additional $2,500 to cover court and attorney costs – on top of the $4k Rebecca already owes. Not only that, but her repayment schedule is tough. The 90 Day Fiance celeb must pay installments due on December 15, January 15, February 15 and March 15 for her “willful contempt”.

The amounts are $2,000 for the first three and $500 for the last totaling $6,500. And the court order says the 90 Day Fiance partner of Zied Hakimi will be jailed if she doesn’t pay. The order says she’ll be locked up at 8 am following the day that payment is due if she “fails to timely make any of the payments”.

So, the court’s not playing and if Rebecca Parrott doesn’t pay up in a week, she could be jailed. Does Zied know about her court troubles? And fans want to know why Rebecca Parrott’s taking expensive trips overseas and starting a K-1 visa process when she owes thousands in back child support. Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

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