’90 Day Fiance’: Paola Mayfield’s Noisy New Side Hustle Revealed

90 Day Fiance‘s Paola Mayfield (Russ Mayfield’s bride) has a new side gig on top of everything she does as a nutrition coach and a personal trainer. TLC fans are used to Pao sharing fitness tips. But, she just made another of her passions a reality.

90 Day Fiance: Paola Mayfield Making Music

TLC cast member, Paola Mayfield, makes her dream of pursuing music a reality. Russ Mayfield’s spouse recently spent time in a studio. And, it looks like Paola did some recording in the booth, too. She didn’t share what she is working on but, she has something coming soon.

90 Day Fiance celeb, Paola Mayfield, shared a snippet of her recording at the beginning of October. And, it looks like she’s back in the studio for more sessions. Whether she’s planning to drop a single or a full album, many fans look forward to hearing the finished product.

Even other TLC stars like 90 Day Fiance star Annie Suwan can’t wait to dance to what Paola Mayfield releases. Certainly, that’s something to look forward to once her new project drops. Pao appeared in music videos in the past. But, it looks like she is the main feature in whatever she is working on this time around.

90 Day Fiance: Paola Mayfield - Happily Ever After

90 Day Fiance: Paola Making Some Big Changes with Russ Mayfield

90 Day Fiance‘s Russ Mayfield and his wife made some huge changes recently. They said goodbye to their old house in Miami. And, they look forward to beginning a new chapter in a new place. One of the things that made it difficult to leave the home they shared is that their son Axel was born there.

You might recall Paola Mayfield opted for a home birth on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. And, that was a significant event for the family. Meanwhile, in addition to leaving their home behind, Paola recently debuted a new look, too. Pao rocked the pink look for some time.

But, now, Paola is back to blonde. And, even though Pao is naturally a brunette, she changes up her look a lot. And, her hair is a big part of that vibe. This may be a symbolic way for Paola Mayfield to start fresh after leaving her old home. So, she may want a new look to go with this new music venture. Either way, she seems happy with the results – and happy to be making music.

90 Day Fiance: Paola Mayfield - Happily Ever After

What to Expect from TLC Star

With Paola recording in the studio, many 90 Day Fiance fans want to know what Russ Mayfield’s wife works on – and what it sounds like. One of the producers she works with is a Latin grammy, Latin AMA, and Latin Billboard winner. So, she certainly has people working with her that know a thing or two about recording hits.

In addition, Paola stays busy as a personal trainer and fitness coach. Many 90 Day Fiance watchers wonder if she and Russ Mayfield plan on another child anytime soon. But, at least for now, Paola Mayfield focuses on her career goals – and other projects like making music.

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