’90 Day Fiance’: Nicole Nafziger’s Daughter May Looks Totally Different Now

90 Day Fiance‘s Nicole Nafziger‘s daughter May changed a lot over the years. Especially since her mother’s first season of Before the 90 Days with Azan Tefou. See how much the little girl has grown—and how different she looks.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger Shares Update with May

90 Day Fiance cast member Nicole Nafziger recently did a fun activity with her daughter. The TLC mother took her to a local pumpkin patch to celebrate the fall season. And, she took an adorable photo of May holding a pumpkin. Meanwhile, she included a festive caption to match saying her daughter is her “little pumpkin.” And, as an added bonus, May seems happy with her pumpkin, too.

Based on the latest update from Nicole Nafziger, a lot of fans talk about how much May has grown so much. And this is especially since her mother’s first episodes with Azan Tefou. May was tiny back then. And, many watchers wonder where the time went with how big she gets.

90 Day Fiance: May

90 Day Fiance: May All Grown Up

Even though Nicole Nafziger gets a lot of 90 Day Fiance fan hate over her relationship with Azan Tefou, May is the one thing almost all 90 Day Fiance fans can agree on. And, many viewers comment on what a young lady she grows into. May was only 20 months old back in 2016 when the young mother first appeared on TLC with Azan Tefou. And, now she is six years old.

Meanwhile, she is a first-grader now. And, she’s come a long way from the tiny tot 90 Day Fiance fans first met on the TLC spinoff. Nicole Nafziger has regular updates with May. And, most recently, Nicole shared an update playing games on a console with her daughter.

There’s still a lot of drama surrounding her pairing with Azan Tefou. But, when it comes to her relationship with her daughter, most fans welcome the updates. And, whether it’s lounging by the pool or keeping up with May’s latest curiosities (like lizards), there never seems to be a dull moment for the pair. So, it’s always a treat for many fans to see what they’ll get up to next.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger - May

What’s Next for TLC Mother & Daughter?

Nicole Nafziger was in the hot seat with 90 Day Fiance watchers recently when she flew to Morocco to be with Azan Tefou and left May back home in Florida. Things got even worse when Nicole couldn’t fly back due to COVID-19. Many viewers saw this as irresponsible. And, they slammed Nicole for her choices—especially since she ended up being away from her young daughter for several months.

Since returning to Florida back in August, things seem to be going well for Nicole Nafziger and her daughter. They spend a lot of time together. And, Nicole often takes May to see her cousin. Nicole’s sister recently gave birth to a baby girl. Meanwhile, even though things are still difficult with the current pandemic, many 90 Day Fiance followers are glad to see Nicole back home with her daughter. And, May looks happy to have her back, too.

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