90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger Denies Azan Tefou K-1 Visa Was Rejected – Defends Long-Distance Romance

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Nicole Nafziger vehemently denies claims that Azan Tefou‘s K-1 visa application was denied again. The TLC reality star slams people on social media saying her boyfriend failed to obtain his visa.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger Disputes Azan Latest K-1 Visa Rejection

Earlier this week, talk of Azan Tefou’s K-1 fiance visa denial sent 90 Day Fiance followers into a frenzy. A credible source says the 24-year-old Moroccan applied for a fiance visa and was allegedly rejected yet again.

John Yates tweeted: “Azan was allegedly denied his visa for the umpteenth time.”

However, Nicole Nafziger quickly denied such claims. The 90 Day Fiance star took to Instagram and reiterated that Azan has yet to apply again for a K-1 immigration visa.

Nicole Claims Azan Tefou Only Applied Once for Fiance Visa

It’s no secret that the 90 Day Fiance couple was trying to obtain the fiance visa for quite a while now but to no avail. Reportedly, immigration rejected Azan’s K-1 visa application multiple times for undisclosed reasons. This makes it impossible for them to be together in the U.S.

Amid all the claims of Azan’s multiple fiance visa attempts, Nicole claims that he only applied for it once. She slammed visa rejection rumors on social media recently.

Nicole Nafziger claimed that the only time Azan applied for a K-1 visa was during their time on the show and that everything was documented on TV.

“What’s up with this ‘visa denied again’ stuff?” Nicole fires back. “It’s literally been on the show that Azan’s visa was denied. We’ve only done one.”

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Fans Have Questions About Denied Visa

Despite Nicole Nafziger’s statements that Azan Tefou only applied and failed to get a K-1 visa once, fans of 90 Day Fiance are not having it. Numerous threads about the issue circulated online, with fans seeking an explanation as to why his application keeps getting rejected.

A Reddit user calls out Nicole Nafziger and asks why Azan Tefou was denied again. He adds that it’ll be just a matter of time before she sees his true colors. Another fan tweeted her curiosity as to why she doesn’t seem concerned that he keeps getting denied by immigration.

Previously, Soap Dirt reported that Azan allegedly has several red flags on his previous application. Azan Tefou is jobless – and has been – and that could be a potential reason for his visa rejection. Nicole doesn’t earn enough (as shown on the TLC show) to be the sole provider for their immigration bid.

Another possible reason was Azan’s alleged history with different women from different countries. Apparently, this leads to speculations that he is only using his fiance to move to the U.S. and acquire a green card.

Nicole Defends Long-Distance Relationship

Amid all the rumors, Nicole Nafziger confidently claims that her long-distance relationship with Azan Tefou is going strong. In the same post, the 90 Day Fiance star reiterates that their bond is stronger than ever. Nicole adds that her family supports their relationship as well.

“After 3 years of mostly long distance our relationship is still strong and surpasses all challengers,” Nicole wrote. “Not everyone will understand our bond and that’s ok. We know and my family know. That’s all that matters.”

Interestingly, Nicole’s parents have been very vocal about their doubts about her relationship with Azan. In fact, her mother publicly admitted in an interview that she doesn’t believe Azan really loves her daughter.

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