’90 Day Fiance’: Nicole Nafziger Auctions LuLaRoe Online – Hustles Hard For Azan?

90 Day Fiance star Nicole Nafziger seems to hustle hard these days. The longtime fiancee of Azan Tefou has been keeping herself busy trying to make some extra cash. Aside from working a day job as a barista in Starbucks, Nicole also has other side gigs, such as selling clothes on the internet.

However, not everyone’s impressed with Nicole’s sideline. Apparently, some think that she’s doing all the hard work just to fund Azan in Morocco. Is Nicole still sending money to Azan? Here’s the scoop.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger Sells LuLaRoe Merchandise With Mom Robbalee

Last week, Nicole Nafziger surprised her followers with a three-day live clothing auction online. The 90 Day Fiance veteran hosted the event along with her mother Robbalee Fouraker and her godmother. The reality star’s five-year-old daughter May also made an appearance on their live selling sessions.

Nicole offered pieces from the controversial clothing brand LuLaRoe. Some of the items she put on sale included brand new patterned leggings, dresses, and blouses. Azan Tefou’s girlfriend live-streamed her online selling at Treasure Trove Live Auctions on Facebook.

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Buyers Get Autographed Pic Of Nicole And May

Nicole Nafziger encouraged interested buyers to make a bid starting at $5. The 90 Day Fiance celeb also promised to give those who purchased at least one item an autographed photo of herself and May. On the other hand, those who bought more than five will have a free personalized video from the reality star.

By the looks of it, Nicole’s strategy worked well as she was able to sell items priced more than thrice its initial starting bid. However, it seems not everyone is happy with the quality of Nicole’s LuLaRoe merch. Apparently, some didn’t like Nicole’s choice of designs while others think the clothes were not brand new at all and overpriced. Many also brought up LuLaRoe’s history of lawsuits and how it allegedly scammed many of its customers.

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90 Day Fiance: Fans Criticized Nicole For ‘Exploiting’ Daughter

Aside from that, Nicole Nafziger was also criticized for involving her daughter May in her latest side gig. The 90 Day Fiance cast member faced accusations of exploiting her young daughter. Apparently, some think that May is way too young to be exposed in the public, especially to earn money.

Despite the backlash, Nicole reiterated that May had a great time taking pictures and signing autographs. This is not the first time Nicole faces controversy for her parenting skills. Previously, Azan Tefou’s fiancee was heavily criticized for contemplating on sending May to a school in Morocco. This is despite her and Azan’s lack of stability and solid plans for the future.

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Auction To Help Nicole And May Financially – Denies Sending Profits To Azan Tefou

Meanwhile, Nicole Nafziger vehemently denied that she’ll send the proceeds of her LuLaRoe auction to Azan Tefou. The 90 Day Fiance alumclarified that all the earnings will help financially support her, May, and Robbalee Fouraker. “The profits will be mine and my mother’s,” she tells a fan. “She’s involved in everything, would never allow me to send anything”.

However, the purpose of Nicole’s auction seemed to have raised eyebrows. Apparently, some accused her of using her 15 minutes of fame to get more money from people. Others even questioned why her mom also needs to be supported financially.

Still, many showed their support for Azan Tefou’s future wife. Nicole’s fans pointed out that it’s better to sell clothes online than resort to GoFundMe like what other cast members did.

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