’90 Day Fiance’: Narkyia Drops a Ton of Weight and Shares Big Olulowo News

90 Day Fiance alum Narkyia Lathan Shodipe stunned fans with dramatic weight loss. Narkyia and Olulowo Shodipe appeared on Season 4 of the TLC show, where things culminated in a thrilling ice cream smash and Narkyia walking away.

So, 90 Day Fiance fans are asking: where are Narkyia and Olulowo now? We’ve got the inside scoop for you here, as well as pictures of her new figure, and her exciting news.

90 Day Fiance: Where Are Narkyia Lathan & Husband Olulowo Today?

During 90 Day Fiance, it looked as if Narkyia Lathan and Olulowo Shodipe (known as Lowo) had too much to work through to make it work. However, she had a change of heart and ended up marrying her sweetie. And from that, “Lowkey” was born—their cutesy couple name.

However, there did seem to be trouble in paradise a few times. For instance, 90 Day Fiance wife Narkyia threw some shade in February 2018 by posting a meme and implying she wished she had a better marriage. Lowo also posted a cryptic message just a day after, saying “don’t #lose yourself because you depended on #someonelse.”

However, those bumps seem to be short-lived. For the most part, the two seem pretty content with one another and live a relatively quiet life running their business “Lowkey Custom Rentals LLC” together.

Narkyia Lathan Shodipe Loses 100 Pounds

Narkyia Lathan Shodipe lost weight and is looking slim and trim. She recently entered her 40s, but she didn’t let that stop her.

Last March, she went through gastric bypass surgery and then hit it hard with her weight loss journey. Originally weighing 340 pounds, the 90 Day Fiance star Kyia dropped almost 100 pounds, now weighing 249 pounds.

She’s documented her entire transformation on her Instagram, where you can see her absolutely radiating in her photos.

Big News for 90 Day Fiance Couple Narkyia Lathan & Olulowo Shodipe

Narkyia Lathan has more to share with fans than her fabulous new body. She happily announced that she and her husband Olulowo Shodipe are expecting a daughter in September.

Narkyia Lathan lamented the fact that she’s stuck quarantining at home instead of stepping onto a cruise ship today. But we suspect that the happy couple has plenty to look forward to. Plus, the lovebirds have done plenty of video selfies with her children, so it looks like they’re all having a ton of fun while cooped up with one another.

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