’90 Day Fiance’: Loren & Alexei ‘Nervous’ about Second Pregnancy

90 Day Fiance stars Loren Goldstone Brovarnik and Alexei Brovarnik are pregnant with their second baby. They’re excited to share this news, but this comes after a recent argument that the couple had about having a second child.

90 Day Fiance: Loren Goldstone Brovarnik & Alexei Brovarnik Sleeping in Separate Beds

90 Day Fiance celebs Loren Goldstone Brovarnik and Alexei Brovarnik aren’t sleeping in the same bedroom right now. Loren talks about how much she’s struggling to care for their son, Shai Brovarnik, because of his feeding habits. She talks about how she needs to feed her baby every two hours. But, Alexei is having problems sleeping because of how often Shai needs to feed.

So, Loren and Alexei from 90 Day Fiance are sleeping in different bedrooms. This is so Alexei can get enough rest to perform well at his job. However, Loren talks about how she’s working from home after having her baby. Also, she’s managing all of her household duties as a wife and trying to recover from postpartum. She breaks down into tears, as she talks about how tough doing all of this has been during COVID-19.

Also, Loren Goldstone Brovarnik and Alexei Brovarnik are struggling to find time for the two of them. However, they’re celebrating special events inside of their home in Florida. Plus, Alexei takes the time to cook Loren dinner, since she’s usually the one cooking.

90 Day Fiance: Loren Goldstone Brovarnik - Alexei Brovarnik - Shai Brovarnik

TLC Fan Favorite Sends S.O.S

Loren Goldstone Brovarnik from 90 Day Fiance talks about how she’s struggling with her Tourette’s syndrome after having baby Shai. That’s because of how much anxiety having her child is causing. She says she’s so much more anxious than she used to be, which is causing her medical condition to get worse.

Recently, Loren from 90 Day Fiance showed a picture of baby Shai walking around. Also, he’s about to turn one year old, but Loren showcases her baby walking by using “#SendHelp.”

However, many fans are wondering how long Loren’s been hiding pregnancy. In a recent photo shared of her and Alexei Brovarnik, Loren’s wearing a baggy sweater. So, it appears she’s been trying to keep the news quiet until she’s ready to share her exciting update with the world.

90 Day Fiance: Loren Goldstone Brovarnik - Alexei Brovarnik

90 Day Fiance: Loren Goldstone Brovarnik & Alexei Brovarnik Nervous About Second Baby

On 90 Day Fiance, Loren Goldstone Borvarnik and Alexei Brovarnik get into a fight about having a second baby. She talks about not being ready to have another newborn because she already feels so stressed out. However, Alexei pushes her to have the second child, because he already feels like they’re at the max stress levels. So, he thinks it would be a good idea to bring another kid into the world now, instead of waiting a few years.

Loren and Alexei are announcing their pregnancy with their second child breaking news to People Magazine first and then later to various social channels . They are excited and it appears these parents are nervous about their baby.

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