’90 Day Fiance’: Lisa Hamme Wants TLC Job Back – Usman Wants His Money

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days cast member Lisa Hamme recently dished on her divorce situation with Usman Umar. She also addressed a number of other issues like withholding money from her TLC husband – and wanting her TLC job back. What else did the controversial celeb reveal?

90 Day Fiance: Lisa Hamme Dishes on Current Status with Usman Umar

Things hit the fan in recent months with Usman Umar and estranged wife Lisa Hamme. According to Lisa, Usman tells everyone he will divorce his wife. But, she said she still waits on the official paperwork. So, it doesn’t look like anything is finalized yet.

Meanwhile, Lisa added that she hears all of this through “the grapevine” because Usman Umar has her blocked on all social media platforms. But, she also said she’d be “happy” to get divorce papers from Usman. So, 90 Day Fiance viewers have to wait and see how this situation plays out.

90 Day Fiance: Lisa Hamme - Usman Umar - Before the 90 Days

90 Day Fiance: Lisa Keeping Money from Her Husband?

With all the back and forth mud-slinging between Lisa Hamme and hubby Usman Umar in recent months, another frequent topic is Lisa withholding cash from her Nigerian husband. According to the numbers Lisa gave, Usman made $26k through video shout-outs. And, she claims she gave him $11k of it.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days celeb Lisa says that since the check is in her name, she will have to pay on it come tax time. So, she holds onto $15k of that money. Meanwhile, she said she “loaned” Usman Umar money “way above” that over the course of their relationship. But, she didn’t give an exact number.

Interestingly, even though Usman Umar has his wife blocked online, she said they had a phone conversation recently related to his money. Lisa said they talked about their upcoming 90 Day Fiance wedding anniversary in August. And, they even talked about her coming back to Nigeria. But, Lisa thinks her husband was just being “nice” to get his cash.

90 Day Fiance: Lisa Hamme - Before the 90 Days

Not Done with the TLC Network?

Soap Dirt sources confirmed back in June that Lisa Hamme was let go for the racial slur controversy. She filmed a few episodes of B90 Strikes Back before TLC axed her. But, in her mind, she seems to think more content is on the way for her.

Lisa Hamme denies TLC gave her the boot. And, she takes a “maybe, maybe not” approach when it comes to filming new episodes. Meanwhile, she added that she’s “most definitely” open to more filming. So, it’s possible 90 Day Fiance fans haven’t seen the last of her.

90 Day Fiance: Lisa Hamme -Before the 90 Days

TLC Star Dishes on Fan Hate

Lisa Hamme is one of the most controversial celebs in 90 Day Fiance history. And, for a while, she received death threats. She drew the ire of viewers everywhere when leaked screenshots showed her calling Usman Umar the n-word. And, according to her, it’s not something she will address anymore. And, “it’s over, it’s done, it’s a wrap”.

Lisa Hamme added that there’s a villain every season on 90 Day Fiance. And, she’s okay with taking that title for her season of Before the 90 Days. Lisa said “it is what it is” when it comes to haters. And, in her mind, she kept watchers entertained during quarantine.

Interestingly, even with everything hitting the fan with Usman Umar, she has no regrets about filming. And, she seems okay with the choices she made to get where she is.

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