’90 Day Fiance’ LEAK: Evelin Dumped Corey & Refuses to Film ‘Wedding’ Says Inside Source

90 Day Fiance‘s Evelin Villegas dumped Corey Rathgeber and shut down filming, telling the Sharp/TLC crew to leave Ecuador, says our inside source. Today, both Corey and his wife Evelin seem to confirm the split with very pointed statements. Here’s what our source said ended their marriage.

90 Day Fiance Inside Source: Evelin Villegas Kicked Corey Rathgeber Out – Plans Divorce

Although The Other Way duo insists they’re not married, our sources in Ecuador confirmed it. They said Evelin Villegas married Corey Rathgeber over two years ago (see proof below). And that’s why Corey’s able to stay in the country – he has a spousal visa. But, could it be revoked?

Another 90 Day Fiance source of ours said Evelin kicked Corey out of their home and demanded a divorce. Plus, the source said she wants to retract his visa so he’ll be forced to go back to the US. Why would Evelin Villegas do this? Our insider at TLC/Sharp says it’s about cheating.

Reportedly, almost a month ago, Sharp Entertainment crews went to Ecuador to film for 90 Day Fiance. They were set to film a “wedding” although the two were hitched awhile ago, according to multiple sources. A producer planned to film Corey Rathgeber’s side piece, and Evelin snapped, says the insider.

90 Day Fiance: Corey Rathgeber - Evelin Villegas - The Other Way

The Other Way: Sharp Interview of Cheating Partner Pushed Evelin Villegas over the Edge

Our 90 Day Fiance production insider said Corey Rathgeber revealed to the on-site producers that he’d fooled around with another woman when he and Evelin were arguing. Our source says a producer tracked down the girl in nearby Salinas and planned to interview her for 90 Day Fiance.

So, the insider said when Evelin Villegas found out about Corey’s other woman being interviewed, she lost it. Evelin did not want to be seen on the TLC show as the one being cheated on. They said she threw Corey Rathgeber out of their home and said she wanted a divorce. She also refused to continue filming for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way and told them to pack and leave.

We confirmed it with other Sharp crew who’d planned to be in Engabao filming Corey with Evelin for at least two weeks. But, after Evelin exploded on Corey Rathgeber, they were gone within five days of setting foot in the country.

90 Day Fiance: Corey Rathgeber - The Other Way

90 Day Fiance Split: Corey Confirms Breakup – Evelin Says Bar is “Hers”

After Evelin Villegas reportedly kicked out her hubby, Corey’s been staying with his friend Raul. That’s the guy who allegedly slept with Evelin. He appeared on The Other Way Tell-All. A source who knows Raul and his girlfriend said Evelin was “so crazy” after she found out about the interview with the woman Corey Rathgeber allegedly slept with last year.

That source also said that Evelin Villegas threatened to call immigration on her 90 Day Fiance husband. Yesterday, Corey Rathgeber seems to confirm it, saying he might have to go back to the US. Of course, he’s also got a DUI case pending there that could put Corey on probation or behind bars.

As for 90 Day Fiance wife Evelin Villegas, she recently did a promo for their bar in Engabao but called it “her bar” not theirs. Meanwhile, Corey’s posted a photo looking sad calling it a “throwback to better times” (see above). All this blew up, reportedly, a few days after Corey’s 34th birthday.

Now, our 90 Day Fiance source says there’s no “wedding” to film and Evelin Villegas is done with Corey Rathgeber. However, it sounds like he wants to work it out. But he said it’s up to Evelin. We’ll update you as more details emerge on this The Other Way split and pending divorce.

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